Apple Opening Two Mac Labs in India That Will Teach Students How to Create Music Using Logic Pro X

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    Apple today announced it will be opening two so-called "Mac Labs" at the KM Music Conservatory's campuses in the Indian cities of Chennai and Mumbai. The labs will teach students how to create music using Logic Pro X.


    Apple also said it will fund 10 full time musical scholarships at the learning institution for students from underprivileged backgrounds.

    Apple's services chief Eddy Cue traveled to Mumbai this week, where he announced the news in person alongside A.R. Rahman, an Oscar-winning composer, producer, musician, and founder of the KM Music Conservatory.
    The A.R. Rahman Foundation founded the KM Music Conservatory in 2008. The higher education institution offers a range of part-time and full-time courses in Western and Indian classical music and audio technology.

    Article Link: Apple Opening Two Mac Labs in India That Will Teach Students How to Create Music Using Logic Pro X
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    Dec 7, 2013
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    Nobody uses that.
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    Back in the day, there would have been a Mac Pro in shot .....soon the Apple Watch will be faster :p
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    Quite funny to watch the Indians play Apple so cleverly. I am sure they will keep dangling the carrot of allowing Apple stores to open there while they extract more and more money, schemes and plants. I have spent most of my life in India and I suspect that Apple's management simply don't understand the ways of India. I have lived there in total around 30 years and speak two (north) Indian languages and still I find myself perplexed by things I find and see - it s a wonderful country though sadly a corrupt one too and I still find it hard to work out quite how Apple will do things in India. Amazon has rather adopted many Indian elements, I still get delivery drivers trying to get me to pay them for items I have already paid for, deliveries disappear in ways that don't happen in the west etc and even for western style businesses it's common to have to accept that a large percentage of spending goes on bribes, tips, employing family members etc in a way that Apple will struggle with. My gut feeling right now is that Cook has no idea how shrewd Modi is and he will find he keeps moving the goalposts and demanding more and more, as of course is their right.

    How strange it is to see even a company like Apple calling Bombay "Mumbai" when writing in English. It's roughly equivalent to the KKK winning control of a town council in America and renaming a city just to try to annoy minorities and then the world accepting it - very strange. Of course it's equally weird to see Madras called "Chennai" in English but at least that renaming, unlike Bombay to Mumbai, wasn't done by fascists.
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    Oh no! So they can make more dancing music on the movies like this. SMH!
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    Off the topic: In these pictures, Cue looks more like a talent scout of an escort agency than a serious business executive :)
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    Austin, TX
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    It took me about ten minutes to realize this was a looping video.
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    Wow, I hope you do feel better after hurling that poorly written vomit.

    But I suppose just having lived in a country for most of your life is far better criteria than Apple India Management.
    I mean duh, they should come to consult you. You even speak two Indian languages. *Slow Claps*

    While you do talk about corruption, there is no denying that most developing countries face this predicament, but not only are most of these countries trying to improve upon it, it's just ridiculous to think a multi billion dollar company such as Apple has not thought this through? Please.

    Afterwards you talk about Amazon, which is actually pumping more and more money into the Indian market and are about to corner. You should be reporting those delivery agents. Could be a "rural North India" issue. But I wouldn't know, I live in Mumbai. The name changed in 95', but go on, might I even suggest what us 90s kids are calling it now? #BomBae. Ha.

    I think am going to just ignore the last paragraph, as *sigh* that was just..
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    Jun 27, 2010
    At the current state of the Mac line-up, I DO NOT see a bright future for Logic.

    Current laptop models come with incompatible ports and the cost of a freaking dongle equals the one of a good audio interface or life-saving plug-in, instrument or any other useful piece of gear. Combine that with the raising prices of their portable and desktop machines, no matter how good Logic is (and will be), the PC is going to be the next industry standard if Apple does not step up their game hardware wise in the Audio field.

    I know so many respectable engineers that have such outdated desktop hardware and they're not even using Logic as their primary DAW. Switching will be way easier at the current rate Cubase, Bitwig, Reaper, Reason (just to name a few) are developing.

    Logic in an immensely powerful piece of software which I have been personally using for the past 9 years, but it's small price advantage begins to fade away while these 4000$ Facebook browsing machines keep getting sold.

    We do not need touch bars on our mobile workstations, we need price cuts on 1 or 2 TB storage upgrades and 32gb RAM.
    And NOT faulty video cards.

    And no, the iMac Pro is not the solution. I remember using Logic on my 17" Macbook Pro and the speed, reliability, port connectivity and stability of the whole OS made it worthy to stand on my desk.
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    Mar 17, 2010

    Well to start with there's no reason for insults - you rather demean yourself.

    I am half Indian, have lived in Bombay and Delhi most of my life, growing up in Bandra in the 90s and absolutely have the right to speak on Indian issues. India is one of the worst nations in the world for corruption. Simply stating facts is hardly something to criticise - unless you like "alternative facts"? Of course I have reported bad behaviour but it takes a long time, if ever, to change hundreds of millions of people. There is much that is good about India but there are problems too - if you can't stand someone stating those truths without insult then I'm afraid the internet probably isn't the place for you. It's actually something economists can measure - how much of an original $100 investment reaches the final sale and India gets appalling scores.

    Your faith in corporate decision making is touching but history tells us you are very wrong, companies frequently make mistakes. Those pesky things called facts again!

    Actually the name "Mumbai" is far older than 1995 - it dates back about 400 years. As does the name Bombay. Mumbai is the name in Marathi, Bombay is the name in English. I wonder if you even know the original name of Bombay? The Shiv Sena has no jurisdiction over the English language and their sectarian campaign to try to force non-Marathis to use a Marathi name is something I cheerfully ignore - as do most of the family and friends I know who still live there. At best they will call the bad parts of the city "Mumbai", while ever the city retains some multiculturalism, some Jews, Parsis, Catholics and Muslims those parts will always be Bombay. As Salman Rushdie wrote in The Moor's Last Sigh "those who hated India, those who sought to ruin it, would need to ruin Bombay". Well some of us will always stand up for minorities against the nationalists and fascists.

    I'm perfectly happy to correct your specific errors but will offer a general point - online when people write things, try not to respond with insults and you'll find people far more receptive.
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    Wherever my feet take me…
    As this is at a music conservatory, not a film school, I doubt they'd teach much Final Cut, or any video editor for that matter.
  14. Oblivious.Robot, Oct 11, 2017
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    Sep 15, 2014
    How and when did I remotely insult you? What alternating facts?
    You painted one picture in your post, clearly you have an agenda and I didn’t and that’s all the difference between both of us.

    Now I have no interest in politics, so am not even keen on talking about Bombay or Mumbai, as most of the times both of these names are still used to this day.

    You talked about corruption and I agreed on that front, but that’s not the end of it as you make it seem it to be. Do you still think China, now that it’s better developed than ever, doesn’t suffer from corruption?

    I simply called you out on your opinion, as you projected your own bias and keep touting it as facts? What?
    To be very honest, I still don't understand why you're angry over this?
    Your previous post is different than your current one, please do read.

    Again, do you really think that Apple India Management are bunch of idiots who don't know what market they're in?
    As I quote you -
    You have every right to criticise what is wrong, India has and probably will still have a large corruption problem but it gets better, and it isn't the end. At this very moment, Apple needs India more than the other way around and as long as every other company such as Samsung, LG and the likes have to follow the same set of rules, I see no problem in it. India does have a "red tape" for business and everyone is well aware.

    To be very honest, Apple has pretty good future here to grow and I'm dead certain that's their reasoning too.
    I'm sorry if I offended you, that wasn't my intention.
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    The thick of it
    This is good to hear. I teach Logic, and the main reaction the students have after using it is, "I've gotta get a Mac!" In classic Apple fashion, Logic is easy to get started with and yet has lots of depth if you want to dig into it. There are still a few tweaks needed (like that danged End Marker), but it's a phenomenal tool.

    And BTW, I teach FCPX as well and my students react the same way.
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    Mar 17, 2010
    You opened your first post by saying I was writing "vomit". Hardly seemed polite but apology accepted - hard to tell tone online. I think India will eventually be the most important market for Apple and indeed for most international businesses so on that we agree.

    As for understanding the culture of India - it's a huge topic that is the most complicated and oldest civilisation in the world. No Indian fully understand everything about India. I feel very confident that the likes of Tim Cook, who doesn't even speak Hindi, will not fully understand everything about India. That's hardly controversial. Indeed there are many Indians who make money from such a simple fact if you've ever observed a firangi in a market anywhere in India. And having worked for businesses that had operations in India, the US and UK I can safely say that high up corporate structures often struggle with the details in different societies and are generally too westernised in their outlook.

    I know nothing about China but in terms of infrastructure and corruption India has huge problems. Even for rich people in the nice parts of Bandra there are huge problems - I know a developer who has money that makes western rich people look poor and he just got taken by a builder there who lied about everything, ignored the regs and then disappeared - crores disappearing and the builder's family are well enough connected that there is nothing that can be done. I also know people who have owned sea-front land only to have someone come and build on it and then find they simply can't get them off the land. Such stories are common. There is nothing unpatriotic about saying this. I am quite happy to see Modi, a man I intensely dislike, squeeze money out of Apple- I wish more developing nations had the guts. We already have too many rich who want to live at the expense of everyone else in India, we don't need foreign companies coming to make it worse. I would be quite happy for a company like Apple to have to pay special taxes in India to fund water supplies etc - that goes for Lamborghini, McDonalds and Armani too. As you say, they need India more than India needs them. In the future there will be more customers in India than Europe and the US combined so I do hope the Indian government continues to extract more and more from Apple for the poor people in India.

    So I am left trying to work out if you were upset that I mentioned that India has corruption or that I think Apple's management likely don't know what they're up against. On the latter point corporations have cultures and it will be hard to translate that culture perfectly into India. I'm not even saying whether that's a bad or good thing, I hope the Indian government can turn it into a positive, Apple and other companies paying execs millions while people in UP haven't got enough water to drink turns my stomach. The British Empire, the biggest empire in history, couldn't hold on to India despite many British people being born there, spending their lives living there and studying the civilisation and building a huge infrastructure. It's hardly a stretch to say that Apple might get taken for a bit of a ride - and frankly I hope they do as long as the money is put to good use (and I suppose that latter point is a whole other can of worms!)
  17. MacCurry macrumors 6502

    Aug 28, 2006
    How exactly is Modi moving the goal posts? Making disparaging remarks about Modi makes you lose credibility just like those in the US who try blame Obama or Trump for every issue. Your whole post is spewing nonsensical political garbage that has no place here. If you want to bash India, go to some other forum for terrorists and you'll get lots of sympathy there.

    This story is about opening Mac Labs at music conservatories opened by A.R. Rahman who composed some of his hits on a Mac. It makes perfect sense for Apple to do this to get other composers familiar with the Mac, but obviously you can't see that.
  18. manni macrumors regular

    Mar 17, 2010
    What a strange post. None of what you wrote makes sense or has any merit.
  19. DeepIn2U macrumors 603


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    Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Someone's desperately looking to be hired and choke held ;)

    Eddie is doing his job and not playing games about unlike others within Apple having a ball with animoji / emoji's (resources best left to leading applications via API's to hardware).
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    Aug 28, 2006
    It is far more relevant than your post. You brought in all sort of irrelevant stuff into the discussion.
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    2 long 2 read. Boring.
    --- Post Merged, Oct 11, 2017 ---
    Jacko Dressed Like Kraftwerk
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    Dont know why they are doing this. We all know they will stop supporting it out of the blue one day or make a worse version. Soon they will gimp it and stop supportung it for professional workers. Not as if Apple give a damn anymore about pro-users. Yes Yes, sure they put "pro" after some of their products. But the last time Apple took power users seriously died with the Xserves.
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    Mar 5, 2014
    Does Cue get paid out of the marketing budget?
  24. qawes macrumors 6502


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    You can type the End Marker value in the Custom LCD view :)
  25. jayducharme macrumors 68040


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    The thick of it
    Yeah, but that isn't as precise since you can only type beat numbers and not fractions of beats or seconds. That's what I've gotten by using, though my pieces end up being a few seconds too long unless I physically drag the end marker.

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