Apple out chea sonning Samsung with they own tech

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    iPhone X display is the best: Made by Samsung, improved by Apple
    For a couple of years, Samsung has set the bar with the highest-rated smartphone displays. With a panel produced by Samsung, and optimized by Apple, the iPhone X raises the bar yet again.

    According to Dr. Soneira at DisplayMate, areas where the iPhone X match or set new smartphone display records include:

    • Highest absolute color accuracy for any display (0.9 JNCD) -- this is usually indistinguishable from perfect
    • Highest full screen brightness for OLED smartphones (634 nits)
    • Highest full screen contrast rating in ambient light (141)
    • Highest contrast ratio (Infinite)
    • Lowest screen reflectance (4.5 percent)
    • Smallest brightness variation with viewing angle (22 percent)
    I recall the Galaxy Note 8 having a reported brightness over 1,000 nits, but Dr. Soneira explains that the Note 8 can produce up to 1,240 nits for only small portions of the screen area. For full screen brightness, the Note 8 can produce up to 560 nits with automatic brightness compared to the iPhone X full screen at 634 nits.

    DisplayMate states that Apple's impressive precision display calibration is the major factor that sets the iPhone X apart from Samsung's impressive OLED displays.

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    This is all that came to mind reading this thread title.

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    Chea Sonning is my first cousin. Small world.

    X has a nice screen. :)

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