Apple Partners With Japan Post Group and IBM to Provide iPads to Elderly

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    Apple today announced a "first-of-its-kind initiative" that will see the Cupertino company partnering with Japan Post Group and IBM to bring IBM-developed apps and analytics into the hands of senior citizens in Japan. The project hopes to connect its customers with apps related to services, healthcare, community, and family.

    The initial plan sees Japan Post Group entering the service into a test phase, with expansion planned in stages and the final objective of the initiative being 4 million to 5 million customers in Japan by 2020. As a raw statistic, currently more than 33 million senior citizens collectively make up about 25 percent of Japan's population, so the elderly-focused initiative announced today definitely has room to grow and expand in the future.


    Some of the new apps debuting on the service will include experiences custom-built by IBM Global Business Services, reminding customers with alerts for medication, diet, and exercise. Other apps will directly connect its customers to a larger community, showcasing various activities, possible job listings, and provide basic service support for grocery shopping. Previously, Apple has partnered with IBM for a lineup of enterprise apps called MobileFirst, a service which the two have continuously expanded upon in the months since it was announced.

    According to today's press release, IBM plans to bring analytic and accessibility technology to the initiative, providing ease-of-use to its elderly customers and ensuring a positive experience. Japan Post Group, under its parent company Japan Post Holdings, provides postal and package delivery services, banking services, and life insurance to "nearly all" of the around 115 million adults in Japan, which angles the company to provide a wider reach for the elderly-focused initiative in the long run.

    Article Link: Apple Partners With Japan Post Group and IBM to Provide iPads to Elderly
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    This is a great idea! I only wonder why it took so long. I have several elderly friends. Instead of a computer, I encouraged them to get an iPad instead and they love it. Not only is it infinitely more intuitive than a standard PC, being able to easily zoom in on websites and e-mails makes it great for that demographic, where eyesight is often gradually diminishing.
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    I agree 100% with this.

    I bought for my mother-in-law for Xmas last year and it has turned in to her favorite gift EVER! She takes it everywhere and uses it for everything. She looks up bird sightings, recipes, news articles, etc.

    Then she takes it to bed to watch late-nite TV.

    Absolutely changed the way she lives and now interacts with technology. Bought her the MS thing with the bowling, etc., and all it does is collect dust.

    This DOES what we thought the MS thing would do but doesn't.
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    Wow, and maybe they can start incorporating concepts of skeuomorphism to transform the experience from flat and confusing to more enjoyable and intuitive.
    Hey, might as well steal some great ideas from that awesome, innovative, intelligent company that used to exist, Apple Computer, circa 2010. :cool:


    That iPad Pro 13" does have a great market opportunity.
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    I keep asking about results from the IBM partnership. All I hear is that there is a long lead time, which is true, but hasn't been over a year since it was announced? I have heard of apps being released, but I have not heard of a single enterprise adopting anything from this venture. You know that if someone had, either IBM or Apple would have been broadcasting that pretty loudly.

    This new partnership for the elderly seems like a great idea and I hope this goes better than the entrerprise deal that seems to be stuck in the same quagmire as HomeKit.
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    Hope it works out better than it did with students and the Los Angeles public school system.
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    I thought the same thing a while back. It would almost be better to announce the partnership once they have a few concrete things under their belt, then talk about the other initiatives.

    This is pretty cool though. I like when companies do things that benefit people personally as well as their own interest. Same with Samsung and their visual callcenter for the deaf. Their video introducing the service is one of the best ads I've seen in a long time. Bradl posted it in a separate thread. Fair warning: the video will cause you to have dust in your eye.
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    Too bad iOS has become such a confusing mess.
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    5 million iPads at $500 each is a $2.5 billion dollar plan.
    Are you really that surprised that that enormous of a commitment hasn't already happened?? Frankly, I'm wildly impressed that it's happening now!!
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    I remember seeing this and it's similar to the VRS ( Video Relay Services ). I don't use them but rely on IP relay using text which is far easier for me. It's a great video and showcases how tech can be used for communications for the deaf or hard of hearing. I know a lot of deaf people who swear by video relay and it works well for them, although I prefer one on one directly via Skype or FaceTime because I don't sign much and read lips.


    Well, Japan is getting that first, not the USA. It's a maneuver by Apple to inject more interest for their iPads to combat the stagnation.

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