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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has once again updated its list of participating Apple Pay issuers, adding 46 more banks and credit unions to the list of institutions whose customers can set up credit and/or debit cards with the service. The new additions increase the number of banking institutions in the U.S. supporting Apple Pay to over 425, and just last month the service expanded to the United Kingdom, where most of the country's major banks are already on board.

1st United Services Credit Union
Align Credit Union
Atlantic Regional FCU
Bank of Marin
Bank of Oklahoma
Central Pacific Bank
Community & Southern Bank
Countryside Bank
Dominion Credit Union
DuPage Credit Union
Dutch Point Credit Union
Electro Savings Credit Union
First Bank of Dalton
First Clover Bank
First Collinsville Bank
First County Bank
First Midwest Bank
First National Bank and Trust
First National Bank of McGregor
First State Bank Nebraska
Greater Iowa Credit Union
Gulf Coast Educators FCU
HarborOne Bank
Horizon Bank
Illinois National Bank
Jax Federal Credit Union
LGE Community Credit Union
Meadows Credit Union
Meridian Trust Federal Credit Union
Metro Health Services FCU
MidFirst Bank
Northwest Federal Credit Union
Premier Bank
The Bank of Commerce
The Cooperative Bank
The Paducah Bank & Trust
Thomaston Savings Bank
TTCU The Credit Union
UniBank for Savings
United Bank
US Community Credit Union
USE Credit Union
USF Federal Credit Union
West Alabama Bank & Trust
Westerra Credit Union
With most of the largest financial institutions in the U.S. already supporting Apple Pay, most of the recent additions to Apple's list are community banks and credit unions with relatively small numbers of customers. But for those who do bank with these institutions, Apple Pay support will be a welcome addition as merchant support for the contactless payments service continues to grow.

Article Link: Apple Pay Adds 46 More Banks and Credit Unions in U.S.


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Jun 11, 2009
All my cards are covered. I just got back from kroger they still don't take it. I mean i just went in for some bread why did i have to carry my wallet and stuff with me when i always have my iPhone with me. I know ugh right but still how hard is it to accept NFC when the terminal already has the hardware.


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May 7, 2011
Still no support from my credit union... Is support being staggered by Apple or is this my Credit Union's fault? I need someone to yell at.
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Mar 11, 2013
I have to say, I love it. I've been using it everywhere I can (which is mostly drink machines, restaurants, or FireHouse Subs).

I wish more retailer supported it. I wish Publix supported it. :/
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Jun 2, 2010
Bring on the merchants. I can use Apple Pay at roughly 1 to 2 percent of the merchants I frequent. I have every card I own loaded but almost nowhere to use them via Apple Pay.
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Jan 7, 2014
In between a rock and a hard place
Even if every financial institution in the world supports Apple Pay it's not going to mean crap if the retail locations where we spend money aren't supporting it. I'm not sure what can be done to accelerate adoption by retailers, but another list of financial institutions seem kinda meh.


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Jun 2, 2010
I'm about to leave my bank. This is getting ridiculous they aren't even that small of a chain.

I wouldn't necessarily switch banks just for Apple Pay. Once you have it, you'll probably find, as I have, that even though you have the cards loaded and ready, the places you can use them here in the U.S. are few and far between.

Here in Atlanta, two of our biggest grocery store chains (Kroger and Publix) don't support NFC payments and they have no timetable for doing so. Publix is a member of MCX but I fully expect them to jump ship once the exclusivity agreement expires.
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May 4, 2009
Bring on the merchants. I can use Apple Pay at roughly 1 to 2 percent of the merchants I frequent. I have every card I own loaded but almost nowhere to use them via Apple Pay.
The reverse is true in the U.K., most merchants use nfc readers and accept Apple Pay automatically it's the banks that are holding it all back.
But transactions are limited to £20 for now.


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Dec 8, 2007
Apple Pay has been awesome for me since it launched in the UK. It's my favourite tech thing since TouchID on the 5s (and the Apple Watch is on the fast track to being next - partly because of Apple Pay functionality, simple and convenient).
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Red Oak

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Jun 14, 2011
Apple needs to step up its game getting retailers on board

It now does not work at Home Depot (it used to). And, 75% of the time I try to use it at Panera it does not work. And the cashier is completely clueless

It seems to have lost a lot of momentum with retailers in the US. And the international rollout has been snail pace
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Nov 7, 2006
I finally jumped through the hoops and have a TD Bank and RBC Bank for occasional use in Canada (I frequent the US enough to justify it), but I'm really looking forward to it hopefully launching in Canada. We have the right amount of retailers that support it and at least with traditional contactless payments go the limit is $100. I haven't tried purchasing anything higher to see if I can go beyond that with Apple Pay.


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Jun 2, 2010
The reverse is true in the U.K., most merchants use nfc readers and accept Apple Pay automatically it's the banks that are holding it all back.
But transactions are limited to £20 for now.

It will be interesting to see how Apple spins the Apple Pay segment of the fall keynote. By almost any measure, the Apple Pay experience for the consumer has been lackluster, at best, during this first year.

In the U.S., banks support it in droves but most merchants do not support NFC payments. In the UK, the opposite is true, as you said. I'm sure Apple will have what they purport to be an "astonishingly huge" number of transactions processed during Apple Pay's first year; but I hope they don't gloss over the glaring issues that customers have had in both the U.S. and UK.


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Mar 2, 2012
Westchester, NY
Now if only places like Rite-Aid, Walmart, Wawa, and a bunch of other stores would just abandon their little "CurrentC" fantasies and enable their NFC readers that would be most good.
Not sure about those companies, but I know Target is planning on enabling Apple Pay once they get chip and pin, and all of their stores are enabling chip and pin August 17. That would be a major domino to fall.
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Apr 22, 2007
Lost in Space
Maybe by October, more retailers will come on board. They will be switching to terminals that accept chip cards as that's the date there is a liability shift for cards that are swiped. This could also signal an end for MCX. Discover comes aboard in the fall and Home Depot is to revive NFC when they do the terminal change over.


Dec 6, 2012
I guess my comment is a rehash of all the others. In the US we need more vendors accepting Apple pay. Adding banks is nice, but useless until I can actually use Apple Pay to purchase. Whole foods one taxi and a few spots here and there is all I have been able to get. I actually bought a phone cover where I can store my credit card due to the lack of apple pay acceptance. Really need to get retailers to pick up their game here.
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Oct 30, 2005
Ontario, Canada
I'll second the call for support in Canada. In fact, it already works if you have a US credit card to use with it—back when I worked customer service at Canadian Tire (either very early this year or possibly even last year, can't remember), I processed a guy's order using Apple Pay without incident simply by telling the register it was a credit card transaction. He pulled up his Amex in Passbook, tapped his iPhone and ding. So really, it's just up to the Canadian banks to get their thumbs out of their asses (ha, good luck with that) and make it possible to use Canadian debit and credit cards with Apple Pay. I know US retailers are facing the challenge of widespread hardware upgrades to even support NFC payments in the first place, but I'm unclear as to whether they have to do anything else to specifically support Apple Pay; since the phone presents itself to the reader as just another card, I imagine Canadian retailers would be taken care of the minute the banks wake up (if my experience is any indication), but I suppose I could be wrong…?
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