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May 30, 2011
It seems that the "All Transaction" summary in Apple Pay Cash is wrong. Here, it shows that I have 38 transactions in 2017 and 3 transactions in 2018. Actually, I set up Apple Pay in December 2017 but have no transactions in 2017, 38 transactions in 2018, and 3 transactions in 2019. When I tap "Transaction in 2017", no transaction shows up there, which is correct. If I tap "Transactions in 2018", all 38 transaction in 2018 shows up. If I choose "Request Transaction Statement", it will send a PDF of all transactions to my email and it contains all the correct transaction information.

So the the links actually point to the correct position but it is labeled with the wrong year. Does anybody else have similar issue? I am wondering if I did something strange to my phone. If it is not just me, I am going to report the bug to Apple.



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Sep 23, 2014
Me as well. Also, when you use Apple Pay in a retail store it no longer shows my recent transactions under that specific card I used to pay, instead it shows me a "Recent" transaction from weeks ago.
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