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Discussion in 'iOS 12' started by KG87, May 13, 2019.

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    I hadn't seen any mention of this formally but iOS 12.3 allows you to now select one of your credit cards for Apple Pay express transit. I'll attempt to use this later this evening (Chicago) when boarding a train - but in the meantime, I was at least able to link a default card in the wallet app settings.
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    Yes, that's clear. As far as I know, though, it's only been enabled in 12.3 more broadly. There isn't much information at all about Express Transit in that document - it's only mentioned once.
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    Very cool. My credit card can be used as Express Transit card.
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    Won't work in Chicago yet, you still need authentication there for now. Currently, express mode only works in Portland in the US, Beijing and Shanghai in China and everywhere Suica works in Japan. Chicago and New York will join the list later on, this summer.
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    That document just tells you where express transit works, but here's another support document on how to activate and use it.

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