Apple Pay in New Zealand Expands to BNZ

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    Starting today, BNZ, aka Bank of New Zealand, is offering support for Apple Pay. BNZ customers can now use Apple Pay with their BNZ Advantage Visa credit cards and BNZ Flexi Debit Visa cards.

    BNZ first announced plans to implement support in early October, and according to BNZ director of products and technology David Bullock, the bank made the decision to add support following feedback from customers.


    Apple Pay launched in New Zealand in October of 2016 in partnership with ANZ, and until today, Apple Pay was only available to ANZ customers.

    From now until January 10, 2018, BNZ Advantage Visa cardholders will earn double Fly Buys or Cash Rewards on eligible purchases made using Apple Pay as part of an Apple Pay promotion.

    (Thanks, Mike!)

    Article Link: Apple Pay in New Zealand Expands to BNZ
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    Where do you get your information from? EFTPOS has never offered contactless payment here in NZ. I believe in Australia it does, but not here.

    The slow rollout is (likely) due to the majority of our banks being owned by the Australian banks who were involved in that dispute with Apple. It wasn’t rolling out there so we weren’t getting it either.
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    Was a tidbit from an earlier post. Wasn't meant to imply it was a contactless payment solution, just a preferred solution with no fees. Tweaked the article so there's no confusion!
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    Kiwibank is who we need to accept Apple Pay. I don't support Australian anything let alone banks.
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    Either that or the co-operative bank would be a great win for a small bank like theirs (would be even more awesome if they also did Android Pay too).
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