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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today posted a limited-time promotion on its Japanese site for its "New Life" campaign, which allows customers using certain company-issued credit cards to receive cashback and other benefits on Apple Pay purchases and store rewards.

As noted by Japanese blog Ata Distance, the Apple Pay promotion runs between March 1 and April 30 and takes in app purchases and online services including Japan Taxi, Toho Cinemas, Demae-Can, Jalan, Minne, Base, and Giftee. The available online rewards range from coupons to free shipping on orders, while purchases from brick-and-mortar convenience stores are also touting similar benefits.


As part of its "New Life" campaign, Apple has added more firms to its list of participating card issuers: APLUS, EPOS, JACCS, Cedyna, POCKETCARD and Life all now offer some sort of reward as part of the promotion. UCS integration has also been confirmed but a timeline for activation has not been announced.

Apple Pay debuted in the Japanese market last October following the release of iOS 10.1, making it available for use at all locations that accept the Suica prepaid money card, QuicPay, or iD. Apple Pay in Japan also works with credit and debit cards issued by American Express, JCB, Mastercard, Aeon Financial, Orico, Credit Saison, SoftBank, d Card, View Card, MUFG Card, and more.

Article Link: Apple Pay Japan 'New Life' Promotion Brings Support For Six New Credit Cards


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Apr 19, 2008
For those that may be interested, 'new life' refers to the fact that the school year (and university) starts in April.
Also many companies take in new batches of workers and newly transferred employees too.

It is quite a big shopping season as people prepare for their 'new life'.. Probably a good way to cash in on the spending uptick. Hopefully it will help Apple Pay gain traction and drag the banking system out of the dark ages. (Still a work very much in progress.)

Luke MacWalker

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Jun 10, 2014
Payment in transportation and shops require and iPhone 7 / 7 Plus or Apple Watch Series 2 sold in Japan.
In applications: iPhone 6 or later, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 or later, Apple Watch (1st generation), Apple Watch Series 1 and Apple Watch Series 2
In Safari on Mac: MacBook Pro with Touch ID or iPhone or Apple Watch supporting Apple Pay.


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May 10, 2010
How about iPhone 6s and watch 2 ?

Next issue in that config would be that most card read in transportation are right side; my watch classical left. I need to try wearing the watch on the right arm
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