Apple Pay Promo Takes $10 Off StubHub Orders of $100 or More Through August 1

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    This week's Apple Pay promo offers concertgoers and sports fans the chance to get $10 off a purchase of $100 or more from StubHub. To get the discount, browse tickets in the StubHub iOS app, use Apple Pay to checkout before August 1, and enter the code APPLEPAY-10 during the checkout process.


    The new promotion is themed around summer music festivals, and encourages users to pay with Apple Pay in apps like Airbnb and Lyft to book rooms and order rides to and from events. The company is also pointing customers towards a few clothing apps like Abercrombie & Fitch, GOAT, Hollister, and HBX.

    The Stubhub promo follows a few Apple Pay promotions that have been themed around summer activities as well, which offered customers the chance to get discounts on Fourth of July dinners from TGI Fridays, save money on new Adidas shoes to wear during summer workouts, and redeem two free bike rides with the ofo app.

    Article Link: Apple Pay Promo Takes $10 Off StubHub Orders of $100 or More Through August 1
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    Here is your chance to get slightly less ripped off. Yay! :rolleyes:
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    StubHub is a con-game event ticket scalper operation. Their business model is to regularly violate established venue and artist policy by reselling tickets they purchase in bulk for above face value. Tickets are often hard-coded to someone else’s name and venues are starting to check IDs to make sure attendees are the original purchaser. When I found this out, their evasive corporate staff in San Francisco refused to refund my money 2 months in advance of a U2 comcert I wanted to attend. The tickets were $5000.  should not be doing business with them.

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