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Jan 18, 2011
Washington, DC
Wanted to post a unique experience I had, not sure if it has been discussed yet.

I have my Chase CC linked to my Apple Pay on my phone. This past weekend I noticed that there were some erroneous charges on my account, they were all purchased online, but in the DC area (where I live), so I suspect that someone copied my credit card number while at a restaurant or bar or something, and was using it to purchase things (Panera bread, a scenic Railroad adventure, etc). That's not the interesting part though, that's just some background.

Today I was on the phone with Chase Security and Fraud, they cancelled my card and issued me a new card. They said that my new card would arrive in about 5 days. The waiting for a new card part is always annoying, luckily I have other cards to use, but no sooner did I hang up with them when I got an alert on my phone from Passbook saying my new card was available for use.

Chase cancelled the card I had linked to Apple Pay, issued me a new card, and Passbook updated that info and it was available to use 5 min after I hung up the phone with Chase. That's the awesome part. If more places accepted Apple Pay, it would almost be of no inconvenience at all. Just a very cool feature that I was not expecting. I figured I would have to wait until my card arrived and then have to link it to Apple Pay the same way I did the old one. I even know the last 4 digits of my new card number because it's in Passbook. Awesome!


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Jun 29, 2010
Orlando, FL
Same thing happened to me with Wells Fargo last year. I had no idea that the bank could auto update your CC on your phone or watch. Very cool, and a little creepy (not knowing about it)
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Oct 14, 2011
That's normal, it's a feature of Apple Pay. If your card is stolen or expires, it is automatically updated to the new card with new code and expiration date.


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Oct 17, 2011
Yup, one of the benefits of Apple Pay essentially.


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Sep 29, 2014
Not my Bank of America Mastercard. I received a new one because they said it may have been compromised. The new card was mailed, I received it, activated it over the phone and received a notice on my phone that my old card was no longer valid for ApplePay. It did not update my ApplePay. I was required to change the info on my phone, my watch and my wife's watch. The process only needed the number to be added and a text message verification but it was not automatic.

I have however seen my Visa debt update the expiration automatically but not as much luck with the replacement card as you guys. Still, worth it though.
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