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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by alexwei, Apr 10, 2015.

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    Hi guys, I'm curious if anyone has an answer for my problem. I'm really confused.

    Few weeks ago I was paying my cab fair with Apple pay but didn't realized that my card was blocked. A few hours later I saw a notification saying that the transaction failed.
    Few weeks later from that day, a transaction showed up in my cc history with the exact same amount so I assumed that it was the cab company that places the charge.

    Question: Since the transaction didn't go through the first time through Apple Pay, how did the company get my cc number? I thought that the cc number on the Apple pay is randomly generated or something?
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    That's a popular misconception.

    The token account number stored and used on the phone does not change. It's simply not the same number as the real CC account, so it can't be stolen and used for internet purchases or to make a counterfeit card.

    (One reason it does not change, is so that you can do refunds using the same token.)

    However, the authentication/authorization codes for that particular transaction are a one-off creation, so in theory the same transaction cannot be replayed.

    Hmm. It is odd. In this case, something like the refund transaction must've been done, except as a phoned in repeat.
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    After your card was unblocked was it replaced or did the number stay the same?

    It is possible your bank received the request but temporarily rejected it until your card was unblocked. I've had that happen, though not with ApplePay. But basically the bank "held" all transactions until they got an all clear.

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