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    My understanding of Apple Pay is that it'll with any point of sale that accepts NFC. Is that correct?

    If so, why does Apple bother to list out the specific stores that accepts Apple Pay? If I use Apple Pay in a store not specifically listed by Apple, but still accepts NFC payment, will that work?
  2. JuNxXxReY macrumors regular

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    From my understanding, NFC is the hardware used to allow use of Apple Pay. Apple Pay uses an encrypted tokenized form of payment designed by Apple. Any company can use NFC, but the security behind Apple Pay is something specifically used by Apple products.
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    Yes. Any business that accepts NFC payments will work with Apple Pay.
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    :apple: Pay at Home Depot works

    So I have been experimenting at all credit card terminals regardless of NFC logo or any advertising of accepting :apple: Pay, yesterday I went to Home Depot and decided to give it a shot, Home Depot has not been advertised as a merchant that accepts :apple: Pay and it does not show the standard NFC logo on the register or credit card machine.. BUT when you are ready to pay hold your iPhone near the credit card machine and boom there it is, the screen lights up with my :apple: Pay card and accepts it as a payment. The only difference I have noticed is that it DID still ask for the PIN for that associated credit card so it seems to run it as a debit transaction. So not quite as convenient as some of the advertised locations but still works there.
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    I beleive the answer to that is yes. I was able to even use apple pay at a vending machine at work. It has a little terminal that accepts NFC payments and Apple Pay worked like a charm.

    Keep in mind though that some stores have the NFC terminal but have the NFC capability shut off either to avoid paying the additional fees or for any other reasons.
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    Feb 10, 2017
    Yes, Apple Pay will work in any place where they have an NFC contactless reader. I have used and still use apple pay in Mexico at places where they accept NFC, despite that Apple Pay has not officially arrived here. The businesses listed on Apple's website are just some of the ones where you can use it, but there are others. That's why it says "Use Apple Pay in these stores. And millions more."
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    I will point out that just because you're asked for a PIN, doesn't mean it's debit. It just means you're being prompted for an additional authorization. The requirement for a PIN on an EMV transaction is imposed by your bank. Normally the phone substitutes for the signature requirement, whatever particular communication took place in that transaction prompted the bank to require the PIN in your case.

    Example... I have a personal CC linked to my phone. If I use the *phone* at an EMV terminal, I'm not prompted for a signature or a PIN. If I use the card itself, I am prompted for the card's PIN when I use it at the same terminal. Another card I have, never prompts for a PIN.

    This requirement is really messing up people in the US as we move to EMV. Many, many, many people do not know that their bank has assigned a PIN to the card, and thus do not know what it is.

    I support cash registers for a living, see this every day.

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