Apple Pencil with iPhone 7 Pro

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Batman89, May 19, 2016.

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    Is this a "do you want this feature" question? Or are you asking if we think it will be implemented?

    I'm all for feature additions. Even if I won't use them I'm never going to say it's stupid unless it somehow negatively effects me (it causes crashes, slowdown, or other things). That said, I don't see the usefulness. I feel like the screen is rather small for use as it was implemented in the iPad. Might be useful for note taking or something though to some folks I guess.
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    I say no.

    Why make a screen that costs more, is more complicated, has higher potential for failure. Vast majority of people are not going to use a pencil on their iPhone. For sure there goes one handed use.
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    Not going to happen, I hope. Do not want to complicate the screen for a feature I would never use. Heck I do not even use my pencil with my iPad Pro.

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