Apple Permits to Run Story


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Aug 14, 2001
Anyone ever consider that Steve / the Marketing Team allowed this story run on Time Canada?

It's kind of smart to let the hardcore / extra-critical fans take a look at it and pick it apart, so that they can refine the presentation tomorrow. Tweek how they are going to sell the new design - new price - new features.


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Dec 9, 2001
State of Denial
From my post in another thread...

This release was planned. Probably by Steve himself, and just discreetly enough (CANADA for God's sake, why THERE) so it would look like they got insider information. Think about it, what is the likelyhood (sp?) that Jobs and that other guy, across from him, would be standing around that thing in front of of a photo screen BEFORE Macworld. It's deliberate disinformation, done just subtly and clandestinely enough that it wouldn't look like disinformation. Also, there is no way a G4 with heatsink as well as everything else could fit in that dome. Next, the monitor is 12.1 in that photo, not 15" and Apple wouldn't dare release anything smaller than that, and not prepare to deal with enraged Keynote viewers. I can see it now...

"and now folks, the moment you've been waiting for for three years has arrived. Bring out the new iMac" [iMac LCD is wheeled out on stage. Gasps from the audience, but they realize they just must be sitting too far back to see the screen size clearly] "Yes ladies and gentlemen, it's an iMac... with an LCD screen, and at 12.1 inches--"

"Get off the stage, ya coot!"

"You SUCK!!"

"Charge the stage!!! Get the traitor!!! YAAA!!!" [fans start charging Steve Jobs, ripping him limb from limb until his body is a broken mass on the floor. Keynote ends early.]

Now if Apple doesn't want a reaction similar to this, and while I realize they probably wouldn't KILL him, I think you get the idea of what will happen if the screen is that small, they WILL release a 15" LCD iMac.


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Apr 18, 2001
canada wasn't the only place to have it! you can find it on as well! The pictures have been removed and when you click on the link the story has been rmoved by request....


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MacMinute says Time BROKE their embargo

Time breaks Apple embargo with iMac leak

January 7 - 12:55 ET

MacMinute has learned from sources that Time Magazine last night accidentally broke an agreed embargo with Apple regarding its flat-panel iMac story, which was not to have been posted until noon ET today. The story appeared on Time's Canadian news Web site

With the embargo now expired, the story appears on Time's main page. The embargo did not include the release of the actual magazine, which hit selected newsstands with the flat-panel iMac cover story in New York City last night.


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Jan 7, 2002
the great ether
TimeAOLWarner and iMac hype

Thank you Spikey for that burst of anger, I wish I could have done that I just shake my head, typical Canadian I guess. I think I know how you feel, it is frustrating to read the whiners and people who are never satisfied.
To the others . . .
I have used that other stuff and Autocad, so I am not an ignorant windows hater. My dad has an origional iMac and a Compaq portable of newer vintage. Which one do you think he is paying the shipping to give away, ya the compaq.
embargo? you can be sure the whole thing went strictly as planned. You might recall Apple just moved their web portal to NetscapeAOLTime Warner. The iMac is all about selling to the mainstream user. There would be no point in having such a radical product and then hiding it. You have to get everyone`s attention. Those titans of industry played you like a strad, thats why you are so choked.
-iPhoto runs fine on my wife`s 350blueberry circa 1999, loaded up all her old photos she gets from the processors on CD-Rom. I have been looking on the Download sites for photo software to do this, nothing came close. You don`t need the 400G3 .
-wow, that thing is so cool. Most people will ask "so where`s your new Mac?"
-you complainers should learn how to listen, and not get so wound up. SJ answered all the negs in the speech, like why it is not really one peice ( drives don`t work properly on their sides)
-"six months is a long time in computerland" the whole line is renewed in one year, I had a B&W G3, I can`t remember exactly what the G4 that followed it looked like, yeah the 733 that my brother waited 6 weeks for, now a year later the iMac supercedes it for half the price, wow.

So whats my point? Everything is new and way cooler than any other consumer product out there, and obviously the Protowers are next. The people that matter in that market will wait. Not everyone needs that stuff, this is the Mac for everyone else.

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