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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by vagos1103gr, Nov 6, 2018.

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    Jul 25, 2013
    i had the first generation Apple persil and used for my iPad Pro 2 times and after I forgot to my desctop. When after 6 months tried to use it again wasn’t stay connected so I took it to the Apple store and they change it with a new one. I used couple of times the new one and after 1 year I tried to use it again and happened the same problem. Now Apple wants me to pay 79 usd to repair it. This is a big flaw on Apple persil of the first generation that if you don’t charge it for long time period the tiny battery cant keep after the charging. This never mention anywhere on Apple store. So I am thinking to prepare a lawsuit for this reason.
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    Jun 16, 2017
    Over a $99 pencil? I thought most people would be aware that modern batteries cannot be left uncharged for long periods of time and that it isn’t good to let them get too low. Your pencil is out of warranty.

    I hope you are joking or trolling.
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    Let’s be clear, you think everybody should know that when you buy an Apple persil ? And Apple has no responsibility to mention somewhere that? I am very familiar with electronic and computers but never thought if I am gonna forget to use my persil is gonna be for garbage after.
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    I expect most people who are users of modern electronics to be aware that in order to preserve modern battery life, you don’t let the battery get too low before charging and that you don’t allow it to die and leave it that way for months. There’s nothing different about Apple Pencil battery technology.

    You seriously think that if you left a portable computer sitting in the closet for months that there might not be a problem getting it to charge again?

    Good luck with your lawsuit.
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    Try to leave a mobile phone without a charge for months and see what happens. I guarantee you that if you plug it is gonna charge again. This is not the case with Apple persil. There is a big discussion about that :
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    Jul 25, 2013
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    Aug 4, 2014
    Don‘t know if it‘s your auto correct misspelling "Pencil" but Persil is a german laundry detergent.

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    I looked at the reviews on the Apple store for the 1st gen pencil, and there are many, many people complaining about the same thing you’re experiencing.
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    Hahaha seriously, a BIG Discussion? There are THREE answers:
    1st one asked probing questions
    2nd one suggested two support articles
    3rd one explained the behaviour.

    Good luck with your lawsuite, but better do not mention that thread as a confirmation of your theory :D

    I find it always funny, how people believe, if a company does not write it somewhere, it is NEVER the users fault if something goes wrong. I guess they also don't have on the website written, that you should not take your iPad into the microwave, but that doesn't mean that you can do it without getting issues...

    It is indeed bad, that your Pencil is broken. But if you say, you did not used your Pencils two times for about 6 months means you did not used them for approx. 1 year. The iPad Pro 2nd Gen was release ~1,5years ago. That means if at all you used it maybe for 1/3. So I guess you won't even need one?!
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    LOL! You are thinking of preparing a lawsuit for a $99 device.

    Lawyers love people like this.
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    I would think if your issue isn't resolved then you try maybe an area rep and go from there. Remember they sold X-amount and possible it could be an isolated incident?

    I'm not sure about battery life of the pencil but in this day and era most batteries last longer that what you have experience. My click wheel iPod battery charges up after sitting for years.

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