Apple Phone Support Sucks Redux

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    Sep 2, 2004

    My computer was only starting to a grey screen. I called 3 different Apple people, and none of them could direct me to the answer. One of them told me, "Let's see... it says here, start in the open firmware and type in this command line... [don't remember]" So I booted into open firmware, and lo and behold, the command line didn't work. "Huh... this is unfortunate," I think to myself. "Yeah, it should work," says the technician.

    And then _I_ figured it out. I decided to start in the single-user interface, holding command-s immediately after start up. THEN I entered the comman d line, gave it a few minutes to do its thing, then once it verified that the Volume "Macintosh HD" was okay, I typed reboot.

    The tech-guy I called simply didn't know the difference between a single-user interface and the open-firmware interface. How the heck is this possible? These guys are the friggin' EXPERTS. It's like, if you told me to boot into Linux and then wondered why I was having problems using MS-DOS command lines.

    Where HAVE all the experts gone? I mean, seriously, there must be mac experts somewhere. Where did they put them? Why are we (I've spent about 3500 dollars on Apple products in the past month) relegated to "phone support" by people who just read documents off the internet, and obviously don't even know what they're talking about. I feel bad saying, "Yeah, could I please talk to someone else." But still - what the hell?
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