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Feb 15, 2015
Hhaaa I upgraded my X to iOS 12 back down to 11.4.1 why do apple always remove great features I wonder the next feature will be the signal bars in iOS 13.
I think they don’t want it to show a year down the road, you can't get such good on-screen time anymore.

Right now, at 50%, i get 5hrs on-screen time, in a few years ill have 3 hrs after 50% and apple don’t want me to know


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May 16, 2017
Ahh, I just got referred to this thread. The current on screen time is totally useless. The time reset daily. I want to see my total screen time from last charged.


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Oct 17, 2011
Please point me to view that setting in iOS 11.4.1?
It's more likely in reference to general usage/standby time relative to last charge, than on screen specifically, which isn't there in an overall sense (just per app). Now the overall on screen and off screen times are provided (which together should represent the overall usage time), but it's not relative to last charge.
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