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Jul 6, 2021
Everyone already knows that the redesign of Apple Podcasts is crap: crap design, crap performance. Still, we have to use it because some shows are not available on other platforms.

Today, I discovered another problem: it turns my phone into a space heater.

As I was listening to a podcast with the screen off, I noticed eventually that the phone was burning up - as if I had left it out under the sun, worse than the heat it produces when charging. I resumed listening, but I was already suspicious of that ****** app, so on a hunch I switched to Spotify. Within a few minutes, the phone was back to its cool self. I also tested it with my audiobook apps, and they ran fine as well.

Switching back to Podcasts once again, I confirmed that it makes my phone run super hot - obviously for no goddamn reason: it's a freaking podcast app.

This performance makes an insult of Apple's marketing: "iPhone is faster than every other phone on the market", and then it struggles to play a podcast on its own native Apple app without melting down. I don't see this problem with any other app I use for long periods. What's the point of fast hardware if Apple's own software makes it increasingly WORSE over time? WTF are they doing over there?


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Nov 3, 2020
If it’s only that app that is causing the overheating, check there’s no downloads going on in the background whilst playing.

You could also try an alternative podcast player, not ideal, but there are other good ones.
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Dec 21, 2016
Never had this issue and I listen to Apple Podcasts daily. I am on the most up to date iOS version and using an iPhone 13.
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