Apple Power Mac G3 Desktop - M6202LL/A

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by LeoTheLion89, Mar 7, 2012.

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    according to specs this thing had a 266MHz Processor does this happen to used the same processor daughtercard as the iMac G3? if so my iMac G3 has a 333MHz Processor with 256MB RAM installed on it.

    This Mac has OS 9.2.2 installed will it run Panther? if i get a FireWire card off say newegg would it allow me to install Tiger? MacTracker says the max it can run is 10.2.8 but will XpostFacto let me run Panther?

    Also where could i buy a adaptor for this machine that will allow me to hook up a standard VGA monitor to it?

    Does this PowerMac suffer the same fate of the iMac allowing me to only install the OS on the 1st 8GB of the HDD?

    i used MacTracker app but this does not tell me the info i am asking on here.

    i dont know if it matters any but i will add it has a 2 Port USB Card installed.

    can i install and use a PCI Apple Graphics Card?
    Will a Promise T100 2 channel IDE controller card work in this?
    is there anywhere i can still buy a G4 processor upgrade for this computer?
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    You should check out this page, if you have more future questions Low End Mac has probably covered them as well, but this will provide most of the info mactracker wont.

    To answer some questions that are not explicitly answered, I believe the powermac you have has a ZIF socket and will therefor not be compatible with the iMac daughtercard. You can use xpostfacto for tiger without the fireware card should be fine. I would recommend a newer pci video card with vga out, otherwise you need something like this for vga monitors. Mostly because the built in graphics are probably rather slow, just make sure the card is supported by w/e OS you want to run.

    Not sure about the G4 upgrades but honestly if you want a G4 you would probably be better off buying a used G4 instead of upgrading.

    I have no experience with the IDE controller you mentioned but if its supported by OS9 and greater I dont see why it wouldn't work
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    The PowerMac G3 and tray loading iMac take different CPU cards and different ram types. That PowerMac can run Panther and Tiger. The Firewire card may not allow you to easily install Tiger. To install Tiger you'll have to swap the hard drive to a Tiger compatible Mac, install Tiger, then swap it back. However, Tiger on the machine will be very slow. Yes, adapters exist to connect a VGA monitor to it. I'm not sure, but I believe the PowerMac does suffer from the same 8Gb limitations as the early G3 iMacs. Yes, you can use an Apple PCI graphics card in it. G4 upgrades for that machine are going to be rare and expensive. You could buy a latest model PowerMac G4 for the price of an upgrade card.

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