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Apr 12, 2001

Apple is preparing to release a minor iOS 17.5.2 update for the iPhone, according to a post shared today by an anonymous leaker on X, formerly known as Twitter. The leaker has a private account, so we are not identifying it or linking to it, but they have proven to be a consistently accurate source for upcoming iOS updates.


Nothing is known about iOS 17.5.2, beyond the leaker claiming that the update will have a build number of 21F101. However, the update will almost certainly be a minor one, especially given that Apple is now focused on iOS 18 beta testing. iPhone users still running iOS 17 can expect the update to include bug fixes and/or security patches.

It is unclear when iOS 17.5.2 will be released to the public, but updates revealed by this leaker typically become available within a few weeks after they post on social media, so it will likely be released at some point in July.

iOS 17.5.2 will come out ahead of iOS 17.6 and iOS 18, which both remain in beta testing. The second beta of iOS 17.6 was released to developers and public beta testers last week, while the third beta of iOS 18 was seeded to developers earlier today. So far, no major changes have been discovered in iOS 17.6.

Update July 13: The leaker now says that this update has been "scrapped."

Article Link: Apple Preparing Minor iOS 17.5.2 Update for iPhone [Updated]
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Reverend Benny

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Apr 28, 2017
I'm guessing there will be an update to iOS 16 as well if this contain security updates.
Since there is a build no. and 17.6 is just around the corner (with no significant feature updates) 17.5.2 might be released asap, tomorrow eve?


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Jul 28, 2020
Hope they finally fix the overheating issue because my 15 Pro is running hot.
My 14 Pro has too. I thought it was just my battery being old.

More than anything I hope this finally addresses the alarm issue. Apple finally acknowledged it months ago (despite having existed since iOS 17 dropped) and hasn't once released an update, either in writing or in software.

now i see it

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Jan 2, 2002
I skipped iOS 17 entirely. Overall… were people generally happy with it? It seemed to have started off to a rocky start


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Feb 15, 2022
Bucks County, PA
I skipped iOS 17 entirely. Overall… were people generally happy with it? It seemed to have started off to a rocky start
Quite honestly, I feel that anything after IOS15 has been "problematic". In the sense, IOS 15 and older I would rarely reboot my phone because it was acting up. Now I seem to reboot at least once a week on IOS 17 and when I was on 16.

For what it is---17.5.1 and been the "best of the worst" so far. I have a 15 PM for work and 15 Plus personal and both run good with the occasional hiccup or scroll stutter from time to time.


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Nov 2, 2016
I skipped iOS 17 entirely. Overall… were people generally happy with it? It seemed to have started off to a rocky start
I upgraded at 17.4 and I'm quite happy, yeah. It's always tricky to decide when to update, considering each device seems to handle it differently, but it's probably alright at this point.


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Nov 25, 2021
I would only complain about the squared notifications (since a loooong time) and I have a strange glitch with the photo viewer when taking pictures and clicking on the preview picture very fast.


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May 3, 2016
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