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Apr 12, 2001

Apple with the iOS 16.2 update introduced an updated underlying architecture for HomeKit and the Home app, but it was pulled a week after launch because of bugs and installation issues. At the time, Apple said the removal was temporary and that the upgrade option would "return soon."


It appears that Apple is nearly ready to reintroduce the updated Home architecture, as backend code indicates that Apple is preparing a "version 2" and testing it internally.

Other than stating that the architecture would be made available "soon," Apple has provided no timing. We are expecting an iOS 16.4 beta to follow the iOS 16.3 launch, and it is likely that the architecture update will appear in that beta. As of now, we don't know when the beta is coming, but it could be as soon as this week.

With the launch of the second-generation HomePod, Apple did mention that the Sound Recognition feature coming in a spring update would require the revamped Home architecture, but we could see the architecture update ahead of when Sound Recognition is released.


Apple says that the update improves the reliability and efficiency of communication between smart home accessories and Apple devices, and it is something that Apple has been working on since iOS 16 was announced at WWDC in June 2022.

The first release of the new Home architecture caused some HomeKit devices to go missing from HomeKit setups or to be stuck with a "configuring/updating" status. It also resulted in invitations to share the Home with others failing, and it broke HomeKit Secure video recording for some.

Article Link: Apple Preparing to Re-Release Revamped HomeKit Architecture That Was Removed From iOS 16.2


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Mar 16, 2012
South Wales, UK
Already done mine before they pulled it and it worked flawlessly for me thankfully, had a few rooms, zones, a few automations with lots of Hue devices and other 3rd party devices on Homekit and so far it's been brilliant.

Not had any problems controlling my Hue devices with my HomePod Minis on the new architecture so far, the HomePod has not once told hmmm, this device is not responding or let me think about that and never do anything.

Hopefully they don't make us who have upgraded run it again and end up breaking something.


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Jun 5, 2011
I’m sure there’s a bunch of objectively good architectural improvements in the upgrade, BUT the bugs are going to make people hesitant.

It’s kinda like how Vista redid security to match UNIX, but the bugs made people hesitant to upgrade.

Eventually these improvements will show their benefits. :)


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Feb 23, 2009
I’m really doubtful it fixes the sh-tshow I have going with Home (I didn’t update) and iCloud in general. Apple Support has been less than helpful. I’m really getting frustrated, so I’m actually reluctant to try anything they release until others give it the OK.

Just makes me think of MS releases back in the day.


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Jun 5, 2011
I already done it the first time would I get another update when it’s out or is the new one just for people that didn’t do it
Given that there’s a V2 upgrade and they aren’t using the previous switch, I would assume you will need to upgrade again.

That being said, they could just be restricting the availability to users running 16.4 by having a unique switch.


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Apr 23, 2020
I already done it the first time would I get another update when it’s out or is the new one just for people that didn’t do it
There seems to be no code for this "new home architecture V2" in iOS 16.3, so it will probably appear in 16.4 betas. Until then, we don't know how it will work or if it will involve "updating again".


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Sep 10, 2010
I avoided upgrading it last time, despite having my mouse hovering over the upgrade button repeatedly. I'm glad I didn't click it. I was afraid it wouldn't be fully baked. Even when it does come out, I think I'll let someone else test it first. The only benefits I've seen so far are much faster responses from the accessories, so that's a great thing. I've always thought HomeKit was too slow. But I'm willing to wait a bit longer for them to get it right.
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Nov 9, 2015
Silicon Valley, CA
Some of this sounded like what a twitter poster said were improvements with tvOS 16.3, rather it involves tvOS 16.4. Stuff that usually occurs with iOS version is the same with tvOS version.

Here's the twitter post in question, note the Re-Release Revamped HomeKit Architecture. Now I suspect you'll see a dev beta of iOS 16.4 Thursday or Friday this week.

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Dec 7, 2008
Orange County, CA
HomeKit is truly GARBAGE. Sorry to say. I love most things Apple but for the love of god they need to seriously overhaul HomeKit. That in combination with Siri’s lack of skills just leave one with an overwhelming sense of insult. Especially given Google Assistant and Home ALWAYS work even when Siri and HomeKit fail.

The biggest joke is when Siri has issues contacting my devices or controlling them but going into the home app on an iOS device or a macOS computer allows full unimpeded control of the accessory.

Very shoddy behavior. Sigh.

Just to be clear…. I run a very connected / automated home with well over 100 devices (lights, washer / dryer, fridge, doors, TVs, speakers, cameras and other accessories) persistently managed / connected, video surveillance etc. and the environment is jointly managed by both HomeKit and Google Home with a proxy/translation gateway to make non-HomeKit or HomeKit only devices cross communicate with Google / HomeKit.

It makes for a really interesting test environment to compare reliability and flexibility of both Apple and Google’s offerings.
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Feb 19, 2022
I was an early adopter of the new Home Architecture (When 16.2 came out), and it just ruined my Home devices a lot. I think I still have it since I have a lot of problems despite it being removed.

Here is what I have been stuck with for the past month:

Hoping that this Home architecture will fix it.


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Aug 5, 2008
San Jose, CA
I upgraded to the new architecture before they pulled it. I immediately noticed the better responsiveness. It's particularly noticeable when you access your home remotely (it used to take sometimes up to a minute for all devices to update, now it's pretty much instantaneous since the bulk of the work is done by the Homekit hub). The only problem I have is that one of my time-based automations no longer works. For now I have replaced it with a local automation on my iPhone (via the Shortcuts app).
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