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    This is not designed to be a Mac "rant", just wanting to know:

    Why are Apple prices high ? That is, that of PC's ?

    I'm assuming Apple would answer if i questioned this to them, so maybie you guys can.. I've heard sevel reasons to this, but the only one whic makes sense if "Apple charges $$$ for support"

    After all, if your in a business model and you use business class software, you DO pay $1000 for support...... However, adding to this, I thought of another reason (not sure if true, but would also make some kind of sense):-

    - Microsoft charges all kinds of prices on their developer subscriptions, where as Apple only charges $99 across the board. My conclusion could be part of this would be from customers who purchase Macs..

    - Another reason could be developers get paid 70% payment for the apps they develop, and Apple boasts all the time "We have payed x ammount to developers." Again.., most of this could come from Macs.

    That's my theory..... I could be wrong of course..... It does sound better that we pay for support.. :)
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    Because Apple does not do barebone systems. Compare PCs that are equivalently specced (including the form factor, weight and size as specs), and you'll find the price difference isn't as big as you think it is.
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    Apr 18, 2010
    You do only get 90 days of telephone support unless you fork over another $200 on top of your $3000 laptop purchase :rolleyes:

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