Apple pricing for repairs?


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Oct 6, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Does anyone know if there's a pricing list for standard repairs to the Retina Macbook Pro? I'm curious to know if repair costs go down as new updates/models are released. Surely component cost will be going down, so I would imagine there would be a proportionate decrease in repair costs, but who knows with Apple...

Long story short, I have a 13" rMBP (late 2013) with liquid damage to the trackpad (Coca Cola, to be specific). I went to the Apple Store for a repair estimate about 8-12 months ago, but was quoted something ridiculous like $800+. From what I remember, they said the entire bottom portion of the machine needed to be replaced -- battery, logic board, everything -- because the components did not have a modular design and couldn't be swapped individually.

I declined to proceed with the repair since the cost was roughly equivalent to the fair market value of the machine after the repair. Would that still be the case today? Does anyone know if this specific repair costs any less?

The computer itself works fine, but the trackpad doesn't 'click' and remains fully depressed. This is considerably more annoying/intrusive than I had expected, and I'm eager to have it fixed, or to replace the computer outright. If I'm going to replace the computer, however, I'd prefer to wait for the design refresh (think Macbook) rather than buy a nearly identical machine.

What do you think will come first -- an affordable repair cost that doesn't rival the value of the machine, or the introduction of the new retina Macbook Pro, hopefully priced somewhere around 1500 CAD? What would you do in my case?


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Dec 6, 2009
Seriously? It's a $40 fix.

Although if the trackpad works otherwise and just doesn't click - the repair could be free as long as you disassemble everything and clean out the corn syrup possibly gluing it down.

I would suggest a third party, Apple-authorized repair shop if you decide to let someone else do it. Price will be cheaper and I feel like they know more anyway.
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Mar 14, 2008
The topcase is 1 piece. The battery is glued in. It's easier and more cost effective to swap the whole thing. That's why you were quoted what you were quoted.

Price will not have come down from the last time.

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Jun 1, 2011
You had purchased Apple Care for it then, I am assuming?

My suggestion would be to try to repair it yourself. I would not pay that price, and to answer your question, it will more than likely be the same that you were quoted almost a year ago.
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