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    What would be an ECONOMICAL machine that could run the Production Suite? Would a Single 1.8 Ghz G5 with 2 Gig of RAM and ATI Radeon 9200 do the trick? Or would a Dual G5 be the way to go (though much more expensive)?
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    i believe that the reg. g5 will run, (my rev a g4 powerbook does) however the dual will be a lot faster. it depends on what you want. Motion is supposed to require a lot of computer power while the other two not as much (to run atleast). Rendering will just be a hell of a lot faster on a dual
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    Go dual. If you don't believe me, head to and find their charts comparing the performance of dual and single units. It's worth the price jump. No need to go beyond the dual 1.8, though, if your goal is economy.

    Bump up the harddrive to 160GB, or buy a nice 250GB drive from or OWC and install yourself. There's no way you're doing media work on the 80GB the dual 1.8 ships with.

    Upgrade your ram least a gig, 1.5GB would be passable, your idea of 2GB is prolly the way to go. DON'T BUY THAT FROM APPLE. OWC ( usually has good prices and a wide selection. I've had good luck with memoryx ( as well.

    As far as video goes...I dunno what you mean by a 9200. There's an nVidia 5200 and an ATI 9600 on the lowend. Spend the extra $50 and go for the 9600. The ATI 9800 costs more than it's worth, seeing how its performance is a shadow of the highend nVidia or the new ATI X800. Eventually you might want to upgrade this further--Apple's media suite can take advantage of as much video power as you can give it, especially with Tiger's Core Image coming out this year.

    You don't need bluetooth or airport if you're going for economy (if you're going to be transferring media files over a LAN you'll appreciate wired ethernet's speed anyway) and if you want to shave more off the price, downgrade from the superdrive to the combodrive; external burners are more capable anyways. You can also save $29 by dropping the modem, assuming you don't have dialup or fax needs.

    I dunno if you already have a screen you plan to use with the G5 or have to buy one, but if you do, don't get it from Apple. And if you're really going for economy, don't even look at LCDs.

    P.S. You might want to look at Apple's reconditioned units as well. They've been selling off several every day for the past week or two.
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