iPod apple re-issued all downloads need help


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Just got my brand new C2D iMac 17".

After installing iTunes 7 on my PC I lost a number of iTunes files. Instead of replacing the tracks I lost, Apple put in my queue every file I ever dl'd from them.

So, right now that's what I am doing.

I need help from anyone who has done this before.

When I first opened iTunes, I first wanted to get my Facebook sampler so I went to the store and entered the code. As soon as I did it said checking for purchases, and 247 songs/videos were in my queue.

I was confused because it was a random assortment of my past purchases. Definitely not all of them. It was starting with some videos that are now larger sizes because of the resolution change. So I kept trying to move those down, and then realized I could just pause them.

So, then iTunes crashed. I reopened, and there were 247 songs in the queue even though I had already downloaded some.

So, I think what happens is that after reopening iTunes, they add more songs to be downloaded.

So it seems that the iTunes queue has a max of 247 items?

Also, it's taking forever. It looks like I'm getting about a 100k per item (3 download at a time). Is that normal? Thanks.


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Mar 6, 2006
Hey can anyone tell me if all TV shows are now in higher resolution. I want to download Psych, but only if it's in the new resolution.


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They're all in the new resolution from what I can tell (the file sizes are huge). I have 225 TV shows in the queue right now at 100k per second. SO SLOW. I now keep getting error code 9006.

Losing my music with iTunes 7 and having to redownload it in this manners is one reason that a subscription service would be nice.

I was watching some of the new higher resolution shows, and the quality is no better than you get from streaming movie trailers from Front Row.

I am gonna have to actually go through once this downloading is over (which seems like it will be weeks) and burn what I don't want to watch for now.

If it were illegal downloads I would throw them away. But somehow since they're from iTunes, it would be sacrilegious to me to throw them out. Also, I'm a pack-rat.


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Oct 11, 2005
Itunes7 only allows you to download 250 files at a time. When those 250 are done (or before if you feel like it), check for downloads and you will probably get another 250, and so on and so on.

I lost my collection when my computer was sent in for repairs and now I am redownloading ~2000 files (mostly music, but a good 500 videos). Needless to say, I will probably be going for the next few days on the videos at their higher res.


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Jan 23, 2006
n-abounds said:
Hey can anyone tell me if all TV shows are now in higher resolution. I want to download Psych, but only if it's in the new resolution.
yeah,because I downloaded the disney show,don't know what it's called, like/or the next day iTunes 7 came out and it's in the new resolution.