Apple Reaches Deal with New York City Stores Selling Counterfeit Apple Products

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Sep 15, 2011.

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    Reuters reports that Apple has reached a proposed settlement with two New York City retail stores accused of selling counterfeit Apple products. Under the terms of the deal, which must still be approved by the courts, the two stores would surrender all counterfeit products carrying the word "Apple" or any of the company's trademarks.
    The owners of one of the stores, Apple Story, have also agreed to change the store's name and to remove an iPhone-shaped window display from the store.

    Apple has been stepping up its efforts to combat unauthorized retail stores and the sale of counterfeit Apple products. The company has been focusing a significant amount of effort in China, where it is experiencing strong growth, but has reportedly been hampered in its efforts by uncooperative authorities in many cases.

    Article Link: Apple Reaches Deal with New York City Stores Selling Counterfeit Apple Products
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    Feb 26, 2011
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    Those people in the outer boroughs - they might as well be in China. :D :rolleyes:
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    Ummmm, so what are you trying to say? lol I live in Whitestone, just outside of Flushing and man, they call it "Little Seoul" back in Korea. It does however have the BEST Asian food in all of NYC. I'm a little bummed about Apple Story having to change it's name. Stuff like that is part of what gives Main Street it's character for those of us that have a sense of humor. It's almost as good as the badly translated signs. Ever seen the one the says "Mental Jingles"? It's been 5 years and for the life of me I still don't know what they are. Just precious.
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    Actually, I grew up in the Bronx ( Sort of "outer borough".) Next time I'm in to visit family (now in Manhattan - the center of the universe) I'll come to your neck of the woods for Asian food. (that is, if I can find my way out there. :D ;))
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    I like the name "Apple Story" thought it to be clever. If they weren't selling knock-offs I'd say, good for them. A store selling accessories for Apple products, great name, great idea. But it does seem like they are selling things that are "Apple" branded even though they aren't. That's crossing the line.

    In fact, I think Apple did a good job with handling it. The store removes all counterfeit stuff and the obvious iPhone rip-off display case. The store gets to continue doing business and selling stuff. Maybe they should change the name to "Mac Story" or "Macintosh Story". Overall it seems like it was a fairly good arrangement for everyone. The store got a lot of free advertising as well. :D
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    And they are lucky to have a Japanese judge for this case. Couldn't get any better...
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    WTH is a mental jingle!? :eek:
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    AND Kosher Chinese Food

    Since we're already this far off topic, this seems a good place to mention that if you have a moment, check out Buddha Bodai, on Main St. just up from the Botanical Gardens. Kosher Chinese food that also happens to be vegan. Just as greasy and delicious, but soy and wheat :) So all the taste and plenty of fat, just none of the cholesterol.

    A vegetarian friend brought the crispy shrimp to her parents' house and her dad said "I thought you didn't eat this stuff anymore!" And my husband didn't believe the "BBQ Meat" and "Mango Pudding" were vegan. :D

    I'll be driving along the LIE and see that sign for Main St in Flushing and the car turns itself onto the exit, I swear.
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    Dec 8, 2009
    Chicago, IL
    what is it about Flushing that makes it this epic hotbed for fraud? from insurance fraud, to prostitution rings in massage parlors, to fake :apple: Products. Seriously Flushing, clean up your act..
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    Maybe a Chinese judge.
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    This thread made me hungry, so of course I had to take a drive to Flushing and eat. Went to the "Golden Mall" which has about 10 different small booths selling food. I ate at Xi'An stall, which makes dishes with 'hand pulled" noodles. I had the tangy & Spicy beef noodles soup. Awesome! Feels like you are right in China. I had to point to what I wanted.

    Sorry for going off topic.......

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    Mar 24, 2010
    I'm surprise they got away with it this easy.
    Wish Apple would have put them out of business.
    Can't stand rip off Chinese those those. (btw, I'm Chinese and these kind of people drive me crazy)
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    think back to the iPad 2 launch and all the "people" buying them to sell over double the price
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    If "Apple Story" is selling jelly cases with a pear on the back, People can buy all they want...Apple shouldn't be able to force them from using their rounded edged rectangle display cases either. For all the counterfeit HW, go for it...but I think Apple is taking it past that point.
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    Headed a bit more off topic

    Spent a week in Queens, down the street (34th) under the elevated, each block was a different country...Korea, Pakistan, Italy, El Salvador, Mexico, India, though (dunno if they were pirating any Apple knock-offs) was this shop: El Indio Amazonico Botanica: Consultas place, good food, good voodoo.
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    Time for a new business model

    I wonder who, exactly, thought that copying Apple products, then selling them in the US, would be a good idea.

    Best to stop it now, before Samsung gets any (more) ideas...
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    Argyll, Scotland
    You do realise the Japanese and Chinese hate each other, right?

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