Apple Rebate Different for Connecticut and Rhode Island

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    Jun 29, 2009
    I ordered a 13 Inch Macbook Pro, 8GB iPod Touch, and the HP C4680 All in One Printer thinking I would get the free iPod Touch rebate and $100 printer rebate from my apple education store.

    However I just noticed the back to school promotion terms and conditions are a little different for connecticut and rhode island residents that order from apple. It states the following:

    *Residents of Rhode Island and Connecticut who purchase in an Apple Retail Store in their state, or who order online or through Telesales with a credit card with a Connecticut or Rhode Island
    billing address, receive an instant rebate and are not eligible for any additional rebate.

    I got the instant rebate for the iPod Touch and I did not have to pay one cent for it, but can I still get the $100 rebate for printer?
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    Jul 5, 2008
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    ...why wouldn't the printer have been "instant" also?
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    Dec 19, 2004
    There are laws in place in Connecticut and Rhode Island. If an item for sale with a mail in rebate lists the price after rebate then the retailer must sell the item for the price after rebate so the consumer does not have to mail it in. Even if it is a manufacturers rebate.

    Thus many people in Rhode Island do not get the rebates at all. Since they are not going to bother creating separate ads for those areas.

    Mail in rebates are still allowed. It is just they would have to list the out of pocket price in the ad only. Then mention an available mail in rebate without calculating the after rebate price for you. Which the advertisers are not willing to do.

    Here is an article from The Providence Journal

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