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Apr 12, 2001

Apple plans to overhaul the design of its TestFlight app that is available to developers for beta testing their apps, and the updated design was highlighted in a WWDC session on App Store Connect.


TestFlight in iOS 18 features a new invitation experience that will better showcase the app by highlighting key information including app name and icon, screenshots, developer name, build expiration date, and app description.

The refreshed design looks much more similar to the App Store than the current TestFlight interface, which provides little in the way of app data beyond the features that are being tested. Apple's current design assumes that testers are familiar with an app that they're invited to test, while the refresh provides key information to testers who might not be in tune with what an app is designed to do.

Along with design changes, the new version of the app lets developers enroll testers that meet multiple criteria, such as specific devices and operating system versions. TestFlight will only allow testers that meet the criteria to accept a public TestFlight invitation.

Apple has not yet released the redesigned TestFlight app, but it will likely come at some point this summer or in the fall when iOS 18 goes live.

Other changes planned for App Store Connect include a Nominations option for developers to inform the App Store Editorial Team about new content for consideration for an App Store feature, and alerts when an app gets an App Store feature that include marketing assets for social media.

Article Link: Apple Redesigning TestFlight App in iOS 18


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Sep 16, 2006
Please also redesign the app "Connect" for App Store Connect, it lacks sooooo many features.
And also please fix the bug where the App Store Connect website is impossible to navigate on the iPhone, thanks to that sticky nav bar at the top who disappears nearly 99% of the time.
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