Apple Reduces iPhone 7 Supplier Orders Amid 'Fading' Demand and 'iPhone 8' Excitement


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple has reduced its orders for the iPhone 7 with suppliers, following the initial sales influx within the first month of the device's launch this past September. Supply chain sources speaking with Digitimes pointed towards strong demand for the Jet Black iPhone 7 and Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 issues as catalysts for the initial shipping momentum, but both factors have now trailed off in producing more iPhone sales leading up to 2017.

Because of these factors and more, demand for the iPhone 7 in China and other markets around the world has "started fading." The timing aligns with Apple's typical iPhone manufacturing slow down towards the end of each year, and attention by suppliers and customers is now said to be on 2017's much-anticipated tenth anniversary iPhone.

Demand for the iPhone 7 devices in China and other markets has scaled down significantly since their launch less than three months ago, the sources noted.

Instead of paying attention to sales performance of the iPhone 7 devices, component suppliers and consumers alike have been shifting their focus to the next generation iPhone to be released in 2017, commented the sources.
"High expectations" for the so-called iPhone 8 are also factored into the shipment outlook for the iPhone 7 as the new year approaches. In total, shipments for the iPhone 7 are believed to be five million less in the first six months of 2017 than in the four month period the smartphone will have been available by the end of 2016.

The iPhone 8 already has a plethora of rumors surrounding its design and potential new features, including a glass body, edge-to-edge display, and wireless charging abilities.

Article Link: Apple Reduces iPhone 7 Supplier Orders Amid 'Fading' Demand and 'iPhone 8' Excitement


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Jul 28, 2012
Next year is gonna be a crazy year for smartphones. It looks like Apple and Samsung both have some big plans. And who knows, the Google Pixel 2 might be killer as well since Google will have some experience up their sleeves.

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Jul 6, 2007
And how about lack of headphone jack on iPhone 7?
Easily the worst part of owning an iPhone 7 for me. The phone is excellent other than this omission. It has bit me in the ass many times now as I don't carry the dongle around with me all the time.

Even at home, the whole, "crap I have to find that adapter" is annoying. As a musician, I knew this could be a problem. Just didn't realize how annoying it was going to be.


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Feb 24, 2011
Does this include the 7 plus too? It seemed like the demand for the 7 has been week since launch, as they have been readily available while the 7 plus has been hard to find. Hopefully this will lead to an increase in 7 plus production to keep up with demand.
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Mar 1, 2016
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I'm on an 16Gb iPhone 5c and I'm due for an update. I'm so torn though. I really would like a new phone now since my phone currently doesn't support T-mobile's band 12 long range LTE and I could benefit from more storage capacity. But the iPhone 8 (I don't know if they'll be a 7s so lets just call it 8) is shaping up to such a major update that I'm tempted to hold off for another year. First world problems huh?


Jul 21, 2003
What innovation are you expecting? Basically every manufacturer has caught up. They are all limited by current tech.
Youre right, but the kind of 'innovation' hes provably talking about are the cosmetic things, like a reduced bezel, a little more curvature of the glass, moving the speaker grill a pin-prick distance to the left or right, or the innovation that Apple truly excels at: NEW COLORS! You know, the kind of stuff that gets all the 20-somthing, money to burn crowd gets all excited.

Basically after a few months the 'new' buzz will wear off and it'll still just be a phone you use for the same things you use it for already.


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Jun 29, 2010
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I don't know why this iPhone 8 fantasy has gained such traction (if it has, actually) in the minds of the public. It might as well be called "iPhone Pipedream". The rumors it's based off of are the sketchiest type of rumor I see on this site. The type of rumor that is most often wrong or so dimly connected from what actually ships as to be next to idle speculation. It would be more prudent to wait for parts leaks before pinning all one's purchasing hopes on an imagined panacea model.
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Sep 22, 2012
Excited to have 3 iPhone models with 5 colours each to choose from.


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Sep 15, 2016
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Well we all know the iPhone 7 is just a filler because the parts for the 8 are still too expensive in 2016 and they have to think of the margins! the margins!

- still bought one
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