Apple refunded me an iTunes purchase

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by twobelowpar, Jul 11, 2016.

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    Dec 7, 2013
    I had my doubts I would get a result, but I purchased Ghostbusters I for 6.99 on the weekend (Canadian iTunes store). There was no sale for II. This morning, featured in the stores, was both I and II together for 9.99. It was quite a bummer so I contacted iTunes Store support (which I had never done before) and told them about it. So they have refunded my 6.99 purchase so I can take advantage of the combo deal. Just thought I'd share in case anyone else runs into a similar situation.
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    Sep 23, 2012
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    Not a surprise for me. Lots of haters always bash Apple and never giving them credit. But the one time I had a problem with iTunes content, Apple easily gave me credit back. Basically, I purchased a set of ooooold ringtones a few years ago, basically is was some animals making noise (e.g. a rooster crowing, a duck quacking, crows cawing, etc). When I got my new iPhone 6S I forgot to "back up" those ringtones from old phone, thinking I could always re-download them from iTunes Store (since I paid for them already and Apple has proof that I purchased them). I found out those ooooold ringtones have since been discontinued by the original company that made those ringtones.

    Apple said I couldn't get my exact ooold ringtones back (since the decision to remove them was not Apple's decision). But they easily gave me several dollars credit and told me to use that to buy newer ringtones I liked. Am quite satisfied with how they handle things.
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    They've always been good when I've contacted them. Now in the EU we can cancel purchases within a couple of weeks which is handy if you've managed to purchase an incorrect album!
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    Its good that Apple does this, on the other hand they break their own rules customers must abide by...

    guess 'bending over backwards for the user' takes priority over any rules set for a few times only...

    I got refunded apps because i bought wrong versions... (accident, deliberate call it what u want) but i always told Apple it was an although how can u "accidentally" confirm a password* shrugs*

    What ever works for me :D .
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    Apple has always offered refunds if there was a legitimate problem (something other than buyer's remorse) with a digital purchase within 90 days. It's good to hear that they also will refund in price-drop situations.

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