Apple rejects iFlash Touch for "companion app"

Discussion in 'iOS Apps' started by sjjordan, May 4, 2009.

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    Been looking forward to the iPhone/Touch version of iFlash for a few months now. David Mcgavern just posted today that it was rejected by Apple for syncing with the desktop version iFlash, which puts the flashcards on the iPhone/touch.

    He says he's contacted Apple about it but no one will help him.

    Full post:


    iFlash Touch: Rejected
    Loopware — Tags: iflash touch — Davey @ May 4, 2009
    I never imagined I would have to say this, but iFlash Touch has been rejected from the iTunes App Store. I was originally going to leave it at just that, but I feel that I owe a full explanation since it’s already been such a long wait (short story: I don’t know why it was rejected. I’m looking into it).

    On Monday, April 27th, I received an email from the App Review team stating that they couldn’t get exporting to work from iFlash on the Mac into iFlash Touch. I found this strange, since I had posted in the original submission notes that an unreleased version of iFlash was required to export, along with a download link. I promptly replied to explain the situation, and didn’t hear back from them again.

    On Friday, May 1st, I called Apple Developer Technical Support to find out what was going on with the review process, and to see if my earlier comments had been received. They then told me the shocking news that writing an iPhone app that requires a desktop “companion” app was prohibited.

    I say this is shocking since I have seen many, many other apps in the store that require a companion app (including Apple’s own Keynote Remote). When I mentioned this to the support person, he said that Apple could not comment on that. When I asked to speak to whoever approves or denies the applications, he told me to send an email to the same team which hadn’t responded to me in a week.

    I have no idea whether that conversation led to iFlash Touch’s rejection, but thirty minutes later iTunes Connect said it was rejected, so there may be a link. However, at this moment I am stuck in a state of limbo, since I have not received any official communication from Apple as to why iFlash Touch was actually rejected.

    So that’s where everything stands right now. I can’t start fixing anything, since I have no idea what Apple found wrong with it. All in all, I wish that it would be simpler to get in touch with someone at Apple about this matter. This could probably be solved with a three minute phone call with an App Store reviewer, but that’s impossible to do.

    I’m really sorry for this delay. I know many of you have been waiting a long time for iFlash Touch, and I’m going to keep emailing Apple until I find out what I need to do.

    - Davey

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    That's stinks. I'm a big fan of the iFlash tool, and I use it for my Chinese studies. I was really looking forward to seeing this app on the iPhone. Being able to pick up and study at any time is such a huge benefit.

    Perhaps there's a way to make the app more functional without the desktop app? This way, iFlash Touch can do a certain amount of things, but when coupled with the desktop app it becomes even more powerful. There are certainly many apps that fall into this category; "Things" and "OmniFocus" immediately come to mind.

    Hope this ultimately gets resolved.

    Best of luck to the iFlash developer...


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