Apple Release Watch Band Adapters?

Discussion in 'Apple Watch Accessories' started by iBighouse, Jun 29, 2015.

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    I know Apple really touts the ability to customize their products and make them your own. Witness the number of watchfaces and bands and watches in different combinations they offer. Also, go back and watch the Mac Notebook commercials with all the stickers applied to the cases. So, why don't they take the same approach with the watch?

    I know they would like you to buy more of their bands. I get that. BUT, there are plenty of people who just don't want one of the apple bands for plenty of good reasons. I have no interest in any of their bands, except, maybe a white sport band to replace my black one from time to time on my SS watch.

    I WOULD, however, like a big chunky leather custom made band. And, I would like to connect it to an adapter that slides in and out just the way an Apple adapter would. So, it seems to me that Apple could generate MORE revenue by making JUST the adapters available for purchase separate from their leather band. They won't get my money for one of their leather bands. They are too refined for what I'm looking for aesthetically. They would get my money for the adapters over any ebay or amazon supplier of that component though as I would trust the fit and finish more coming from Apple.

    So, what do you think? Do you think Apple will eventually come around and realize that folks are just going to buy the third party adapters, and they're just losing money on it- and release their own adapters? Or, are they just going to let that revenue slip between their fingers hoping we'll buy ONLY their bands which will, for some of us, never happen?
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    JMO but I seriously doubt Apple wants to sell adapters. They make a product and leave room for 3rd parties to make non-apple accessories that work with their products. 3rd parties love manufacturing products for Apple since they sell so well and have a wide adoption. Apple published the specs for Developers of Watch bands a few months ago so people out there can manufacture them.

    For any newbies just buying their watches now and wanting other bands to use, you can buy watch adapters right now from 3rd parties including spring pin ones that work just like the old spring pins for traditional watches and plug in the band of your choice that matches the lug width. Plenty of threads on here with people doing that and showing off their bands and adapters. The sellers of the adapters include the tool needed for installation. The Apple classic band adapter (tubular) is also available online (ebay) but requires locking the tiny screws into the adapter with a threadlocker (i.e. Loctite 222, purple) after the band is attached. Important to use threadlocker so the screws don't come out of the adapter and the band falls off, and you want to use a removal threadlocker for your size screw so you can take the band off the adapter at some point instead of cutting it off. The use of threadlocker on this style adapter is specified in Apple's Dev guidelines. A bit more work and requires buying the threadlocker, but not a big deal to save the money and give you more options. You could also probably take the adapter and band into a jeweler and pay to have them do it. I bought some Loctite 222 from Amazon and it cost under $8 and now I'm set. BTW according to the Guidelines you are not suppose to reuse screws with threadlocker on them. Where you buy more I don't know yet. I pretty much figure what I put on my classic adapter will stay on there. I use the pin style for bands I am more likely to swap out when I get a new favorite.

    I should also note that some 3rd party companies are starting to show off bands that have the adapters incorporated with the bands they offer. I've seen both classic adapters and one that is attached (assume permanently) to the band such as the sport bands that are kind of all in one. I figure you pay for the adapter one way or another and just whether you want the convenience of taking the band off the adapter or not.

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