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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today released the long-awaited iPhone OS 3.0 (Build 7A341) for both iPhone and iPod touch via iTunes. Users should sync their devices with iTunes and check for updates in order to access the new version.

While many of the features of the new operating system have been detailed over the past few months, a large list of features are detailed by Apple:

- Copy and Paste: Quickly and easily cut, copy, and paste text from application to application. Select entire blocks of web text with a tap. Copy and paste images from the web, too.
- Landscape Keyboard: Want more room to type? Rotate iPhone to landscape to use a larger keyboard in Mail, Messages, Notes, and Safari.
- Spotlight Search: Find what you’re looking for across your iPhone, all from one place. Spotlight searches all of your contacts, email, calendars, and notes, as well as everything in your iPod.
- Safari: Enjoy faster performance, autofill user names and passwords, and more.
- Auto Wi-Fi login: Log in to a Wi-Fi hotspot and iPhone automatically logs you in when you connect again
- Find My iPhone: Find your iPhone if you lose it and protect your privacy with Remote Wipe.
- Shake to Shuffle: Give iPhone a shake and it shuffles to a different song in your music library.

Some site have offered detailed walkthroughs:

- iLounge: Review: Apple iPhone OS 3.0
- Mac|Life: 16 Tips to Become an INSTANT iPhone OS 3.0 Power-User
- Fortune: The 4 new iPhone features I use most
- iSmashPhone: How To Use The Best 40 Features of iPhone 3.0

Article Link: Apple Releases iPhone OS 3.0


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Sep 27, 2004
Knoxville, TN (USA)
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Awesome, I wonder how long this download will take today?


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Jan 31, 2005
So. UT
It's downloading relatively quickly considering the pent up demand.

Edit: Download is 230.1 MB. Downloaded in about 4 minutes on my 20 Mb cable connection.


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Dec 17, 2007
Still nothing here in Charlotte. :(

Edit: I take that back...just became available!


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Mar 8, 2005
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Woo hoo! About time... Can't wait to try everything out!
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