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Apr 12, 2001

Continuing a recent trend of releasing third-party printer driver updates via Software Update, Apple today released Lexmark Printer Driver 1.1. The update requires OS X 10.5.3 or later and weighs in at 71 MB.

About Lexmark Printer Driver 1.1
The Lexmark Printer Driver Update includes the latest drivers for printers you have used on your system.

This update is available via Software Update and will only be visible if the printer is connected to your computer or a print queue has been created for an earlier version.
This is the latest in a series of printer updates released by Apple, which began with updates for Brother and Canon printers in early June and followed with an update for HP printers just two weeks ago.

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Nov 30, 2006
What about those still in 10.4 world? :confused: Don't they have lexmarks too?


More Than Just Printers

I wish they would incorporate all application updates (opt-in, of course) into Software Update. I hate things like Microsoft Autoupdate; I don't want that running in the background constantly. Apple should make an API to allow developers to route their apps through Software Update if they wish.

All in time. All in time.

ra noodle

Mar 14, 2008
this is now, my experiences with Letscrewu were some time ago......i made the stupid mistake of buying a Lexsmark was a good printer and back then you could buy refilling kits and it was easy to refill.....except after exactly one year and out of warranty guess what happened: after exactly one year the following wek suddenly the printer carriage began slamming back and forth every time I tried to use finally self destructed from doing this....At the time I figured it was that only and bought another Lexsmark---and exactly one year later guess what happened---you got it--the printer carriage began slamming back and forth every time I used it until it it became too obvious and I bought another one...and exactly--they were cheap after all because they all make the money in the refills..and exactly one year later the following week that one also did the same thing....I attempted to email them about it but when I told them to GFY they cut me off.....then shortly after that I discovered that Lexsmark installs a spy program in its program for the printer and you can't get it out....but then every program you can think of is doing this more so because of the fascists at DHS....not only did the Lexmark printers self-destruct one week after the warranty was up but they also installed some kind of anti-printing FRN's on the last printer I bought from them......NEVER AGAIN WILL I USE A LEXSMARK EVEN IF YOU GAVE IT TO ME AND FREE REFILLS FOREVER! Then too what about the others HP and Canon etc......just my experience....


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Oct 30, 2005
Ontario, Canada
Hmm, sounds good so far...I saw this when I ran Software Update on my mom's Mac Mini this afternoon. Maybe Lexmark's new software and/or drivers won't crash any (and every) application that tries to print something on her 5400 Series all-in-one like the old stuff did! Or maybe I'm asking too much from Lexmark; who knows?


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Oct 24, 2007
Charlotte, NC
These drivers have not yet helped me set up my wireless Lexmark printer. The mac just can't see it. With tiger it did, but since I upgraded, nada. I just walk over and plug it in to the usb.
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