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Apr 12, 2001

Alongside iOS and iPadOS 13.5, Apple today released new 13.4.5 software for the HomePod. According to Apple's release notes, the update includes general improvements for stability and quality, with no new features mentioned.


The HomePod update is 13.4.5 and not 13.5, like the accompanying iOS update. When the beta testing period for iOS 13.5 first started, Apple released the betas as iOS 13.4.5, but swapped to iOS 13.5 due to a necessary SDK update for the Exposure Notification API.

HomePod software is installed automatically on the HomePod, but the HomePod can also be manually updated by following the instructions in our HomePod update how to.

Article Link: Apple Releases New 13.4.5 Software for HomePod


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Oct 18, 2018
The Netherlands
Apple releases tvOS update for HomePod should the title actually be since a couple of months :) Funny how they switched operating systems, although ios/tvOS are very much the same of course.


Jun 29, 2011
Budapest, Hungary
Ah wow... This update worked and it fixed one big issue I had: Stereo was balanced more towards left now it's even.
It's not placebo because my wife came in the room while testing some songs and she asked me how did I fix the balance.

Maybe it ran some calibration after the update, I don't know but for now I am very happy with this.


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Sep 13, 2018
Do we have dedicated HomePod EQ settings yet or still just the rubbish Apple presets that don’t always work?


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Apr 2, 2020
Do we have dedicated HomePod EQ settings yet or still just the rubbish Apple presets that don’t always work?
Cause not lol
Do we have dedicated HomePod EQ settings yet or still just the rubbish Apple presets that don’t always work?
The one thing I don’t like is the tweeter sound comes behind my HomePod as it thinks that’s the best which I don’t like I want the sound coming to me


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Oct 18, 2013
I have an annoying HomePod bug that this version also failed to fix. Two software versions ago I noticed an unasked volume change time to time. I managed to fix that (when it happened), going to the Home app, turning ON Sound Check, leaving Home app, coming back and turning OFF sound check. The volume was then restored to the correct level. In the previous software release, the issue was fixed and I was happy. However the "fix" only lasted a couple of weeks and the problem manifested again. This time however I was unable to restore the "correct" volume. Right now the volume output needs to be at 50% just to have the same power level that was previously achieved with the volume slider at 25%. 13.4.5 doesn't fix the problem. I restarted and removed the HomePod multiple times from Home app. However I think the corrupted setting or whatever is in the iCloud, so every time that I re-add the device it gets bad-configured again (lot of settings like Siri voice and tap controls are transferred). Deleting my "My Home" could delete all the settings for good?


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Nov 17, 2018
So got all the HomePod in my house updated. Good news? It can know recognize my voice. Bad news? It thinks I'm my wife.

I don't think they will ever get this product right. It's a shame too, so many of us out there want to love it.
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