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    Hi. I have an iPhone 3GS purchased a few months ago...have the Apple Remote app installed on it (not the new 1.3.3 that was released in late Nov).

    When I connect to my iTunes installation on Windows via Remote...and click on the Albums view, all of my compilation albums (albums comprising of songs by different artists like the Pulp Fiction soundtrack) show up numerous times...1 for each occurence of each song. So, for example, on the Cable Guy soundtrack I will see in my Albums list:

    The Cable Guy - Cracker
    The Cable Guy - Cypress Hill
    The Cable Guy - David Hilder
    The Cable Guy - Expanding Man
    The Cable Guy - Filter
    The Cable Guy - Jerry Cantrell

    etc. See my attached screenshot called PHOTO1.

    Now, if I look at compilation albums that are ON THE IPHONE, all works like it should - Apple groups the artists under 1 single entry...such as my Christmas Remixed and Christmas Remixed screenshots (PHOTO2 and PHOTO3).

    This also happens if I control a different library on iTunes

    Also, if I sync my iPod Classic to the iTunes library, the Album feature works just fine on the iPod (just like it works fine on the iPhone).

    I am not one to just blindly go and update software...Apple states that version 1.3.3 of Remote fixes numerous bugs. Is this one of the bugs fixed? Is there a place that lists everything Apple fixed on version 1.3.3? And more importantly, do others out there see this problem?

    Thanks in advance.


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    <bump> I can't be the only person to have seen this problem. :) Should this post/thread be somewhere else on this website?

    Again, thanks in advance.


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