Apple "repaired" the display on my Macbook Pro ...poorly!

Discussion in 'MacBook Pro' started by rkphoto, Apr 27, 2009.

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    Thanks in advance for any help/ advice.

    So 2 weeks ago while on location in Palm Springs my MacBook Pro (late 2008, current design) was severely water damaged. I woke up to it sitting on the desk in my hotel room in a puddle of water. The only possible source of the liquid (as far as I can see) was a can of dustoff that was next to the computer on the desk. The computer was completely dead: no lights anywhere, not starting, obvious huge amounts of liquid inside the case. Anyway I let it dry for days hoping it would start but nothing was happening just complete toast.

    I got back home and took it to the Genius Bar and they sent it out for repair. It needed basically everything replaced: new logic board, LCD display, superdrive, fan, Thermal Assy (?), Cover, and top case backlit (?). All in it was a a $1365 repair (ouch) which I figured was cheaper the a $2000 refurbished unit or a $3000 new Macbook Pro. The issue is that the display was replaced with a new/ refurbished one and it doesn't fit properly. When closed there is a small lip at the front and the rear of the display where the display is not properly lined up with the case. It's offset by approximately 1/16 of an inch rather than being flush as it was before. Obviously that's not a huge amount of offset and it doesn't really affect functionality (although it is a bit harder to open the laptop as the recess is made smaller by the offset). I just sort of feel like they should do a proper job of repairing it given that they're charging me almost $1400 for it.

    Is there any way that I can correct this overlap and reposition the display properly? Or is my best bet to take it back to Apple and try and get them to do it for me? Or should I just shut up and be happy that the thing works and I didn't even lose any data? Any help/ opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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    Id take it back to the apple store. To pay almost $1400 for a repair, and for them to not do a good job on it is absurd. Id take it back for sure and get them to do it right.
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    hahaha, welcome to the world of Apples repairs mate. Been down that road and gave up with an untrained 15 year old hammering my machine back together in an Apple Store and did the repair myself, I would advise the same for you but after you have called Apple, complain A LOT to the representative and get an appointment for a different repair place. An authorised reseller if possible. If not then you'll have to go back to the same Apple Store.
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    Take it back.

    I had 3 faulty repairs with my mac pro.

    Apple then sent me a brand new one.

    they will make it right, just be polite but firm.

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