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Apr 12, 2001


The Wall Street Journal reports (subscription required) that Apple has shuffled the roles held by several of the members of its Board of Directors, changes necessitated by the passing of Jerry York last month.

The report notes that the company's Audit and Finance Committee is now co-chaired by Intuit Chairman Bill Campbell and Genentech Chairman Art Levinson and are joined by Avon CEO Andrea Jung. Campbell and Levinson had previously served on the committee with York serving as chair.

Apple's Compensation Committee has also been restructured, with Campbell stepping down from his position as chair in order to devote more time to the Audit Committee. Jung, who had previously served on the committee, has taken over the chair position and continues to serve with J. Crew Chairman Mickey Drexler and Al Gore.

Apple's Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee remains unchanged, with Levinson serving as chair and being joined by Drexler and Gore.

It is unknown when the changes, which appear on Apple's investor information site, were implemented, and Apple has declined to comment.

Article Link: Apple Reshuffles Board Responsibilities in Wake of Death of Jerry York
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