Apple Retail Roundup: New Stores Coming in Germany, Netherlands, UK

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    A number of tidbits related to Apple's retail store initiative have surfaced in recent days, with Apple apparently making progress on several new stores in Germany and the Netherlands as it opens a new store in the United Kingdom this weekend. reports [Google translation] that workers have begun removing scaffolding and barriers outside of Apple's first Berlin store. The site reported over the weekend [Google translation] that the store appears set to open during the first weekend in May.

    Scaffolding coming down at Apple's Berlin store

    Meanwhile, a tipster in Hanover, Germany reports that Apple's delayed retail store project there appears to be seeing some progress, with signs of work showing up behind the plain black barricades typically used by Apple.

    Barricades at Apple's retail store in Hanover, Germany (Thanks, Roman!)

    Over in the Netherlands, One More Thing reports [Google translation] that Apple has posted job listings for upcoming stores in The Hague and Haarlem, suggesting that Apple is moving forward on those projects. Grand openings are, however, likely six months away based on Apple's usual hiring timetables.

    Of more immediate concern, Apple will be opening a new store in the United Kingdom this Saturday, with its Drake Circus store in Plymouth scheduled to open to the public at 9:00 AM. The store will add a new shopping option for residents of South West England, with the new store location roughly 45 miles southwest of the closest current store in Exeter.


    In one final development, Apple's expanded and relocated Southdale retail store in Edina, Minnesota will also be opening on Saturday.

    Article Link: Apple Retail Roundup: New Stores Coming in Germany, Netherlands, UK
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    So, nothing in the south of the Netherlands, these stores and the one located in Amsterdam are all within a 50 KM radius, should have one in the south.
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    And this is where the Apple Store in Düsseldorf/Germany will open.


    See the large glass area? Corroborated by Apple's Job page which advertises Apple Store jobs in Düsseldorf.

    This is round the corner from Königsallee, one of Germany's (and therefore Europe's) most busy and upscale shopping streets. Building by Daniel Libeskind.
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    If you have no store in your neighbourhood, you can still pay their prices at the online store, which is open 24/7 and accepts all mayor credit cards, so you can buy things with money you don't have.
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    It's not just the prices and available product line, there's also a unique experience in visiting an Apple Store that you can't find anywhere else. That said, the website is good though and the Apple Store app is really great too, plus the app also has some special features that activate in the store.
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    Apple is looking for people to a new store in Sweden aswell it Will be located in the city of Helsingborg.
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    haha cause of an Apple store? :D
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    This is or was a reseller already in the Drake Circus @ Plymouth.

    Not sure what will happen to them.
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    Mike Oxard

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    We have a reseller in Leeds, they look to have been very quiet since the Apple store opened nearby, I doubt they have long.
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    I don't get all the rave about every new Apple store opening. I've been in one a few times and always found the experience very unpleasant. Way too loud music blasting through the shop, a bit crammed, not wheelchair friendly and I couldn't look at a product for 2 minutes before various employees ran at me to "show me around" (which I totally need since I've been working with Mac and iOS for years).
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    That's close enough to the south of The Netherlands.
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    I can confirm that we are shutting this store (Stormfront) on the 19th of April in preparation for the Apple Store opening on the 20th. It's been a great 5 years but as the new apple store is opening directly opposite we have to close. Many thanks Plymouth for your support!!

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