Apple revenues up 180% in the last 5 years

Discussion in 'Apple, Inc and Tech Industry' started by Rogifan, Oct 27, 2014.

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    I was just reading Apple's 10-K and some of the numbers fascinate me. Over the last 5 years revenues are up 180% to $182B, profits are up 182% and cash has increased 204% to $155B. Apple is anticipating capital expenditures for 2015 to be $13B. These numbers blow my mind. Apple's profit for fiscal year 2010 was $14B. In 2014 they earned almost half of that in ONE QUARTER. Go back to the last fiscal year before iPhone and Apple's annual profit was $1.9B. I can't think of another company that increased revenue, profits and cash that much in such a short period of time. Are there any?
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    It's clearly a sign of a strong and still-growing company.

    I have a few shares of AAPL, but it's nothing to retire on. As a stockholder, I really hope Apple starts listening to activist Ralph Nader who this week posted an open letter to Cook, pleading with him to reinvest some of that money back to raise employee wages, or at least to invest it to guarantee safer and more humane conditions in the Chinese factories (they are Apple contractors, not actual employees, but Apple does have a lot of say in how they operate).

    Ralph Nader said that reinvesting the money on Apple's employees/workers/contractors ….. is far more important than the buybacks which only enrich an elite few in Wall Street like Carl Icahn.

    I know what the buybacks did to me. It just added a few more dollars every year on the dividend check I get from owning AAPL stock. It's nothing that I would really miss. I would rather they used that money to make Apple a better place to work. Use that money to make Apple the place where every new college grad would dream working at (rather than at Google). Ralph Nader is spot on.
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    Useless facts from Twitter: Sometime in mid-2015, Apple will have generated $1 trillion in revenue since Jobs took over again in 1997.

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