Apple says I have never been enrolled in the upgrade program. need help!

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    Sep 17, 2014
    I went to check when exactly it would be a year since I upgraded last year. I have been using the upgrade program through apple since they began the program so my next phone will be my 3rd on the upgrade program. When I typed in my serial number and IMEI number I get a message that "I have never been enrolled in the iPhone upgrade program and my only option is to buy a phone new or enroll in the program". Knowing this wasn't right, I looked up my device information under support and Apple is saying my phone's serial number has been replaced by me with a new phone, WHICH IS HASN'T! Support is no help at all. They just tell me the same thing the site is saying and none of them can answer why if they say I have replaced the phone then why is my serial number the same as the one that they claim has been replaced. It is a huge cluster. They just kept transferring me back and forth from sales to tech support because no one had a solution. The last guy told me my only option was to just wait the full 2 years now until I have paid the loan back fully or pay off the full remaining balance of my current phone and start a new upgrade account. Both of which are complete BS. I should add my wife's phone that she handled her upgrade separately also says she has never been enrolled in the program yet for her it doesn't say she has replaced the phone.

    Any help or ideas would be much appreciated!!
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    Sep 17, 2014

    They are saying when we had a replacement through applecare the store reps never tied the replacement phones to our upgrade accounts....but they are still saying we are out of luck because of that screw up by the store reps. This is insane.
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    I've also got this on my iPhone that has been replaced under AppleCare+ and my wife's iPhone that has never been replaced.
    I have all the relevant paperwork so I'm expecting that a trip to my local (90 minutes away) will get this sorted?
    I'm gonna try online chat first though.
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    Sep 17, 2014
    So I thought back when I posted this I finally had a solution. Apple had me try to Serial and IEMD numbers of my previous phone (that was traded in last year) and my wifes phone that she had replaced by applecare. Both WORKED!! They said the store reps make the mistake of not connecting the new serial numbers to the upgrade account...problem solved right? Well I just now tried those number again. Now none of them work and they say I've never been enrolled again. Apple is beyond screwed up that they can let this stuff happen. Going to call again this afternoon. I hate apple support.

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