Apple Says MM email problem is solved, some users beg to differ

Discussion in 'Apple Music, Apple Pay, iCloud, Apple Services' started by clevin, Jul 30, 2008.

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    Aug 6, 2006

    I love that "a computer pretends to be chris, another computer pretends to be jamal".... LMAO
  2. ScottSyrNY macrumors member

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    Mine was resolved Yesterday using the live chat. My problems (both MobileMe email and iWeb) were a direct result of the fiasco of a changeover from .Mac to .Me.

    Having said that, I'm at a loss as to why my MobileMe email fix was to rename my outgoing server from .mac to .me and change the port to 587 (modified on my desktop mail app). I thought the MobileMe transition required no user input? Either way, my MobileMe has been operating correctly since I made the change Yesterday July 29 (for me, MobileMe email was down since July 18). Maybe the more technically astute can share their thoughts?

    As for my iWeb:
    (I'll try to be short since the thread seams to be primarily about MM email)....

    Since July 11 (the .Mac to .Me transition) until today July 30, my website had issues such as no ability to add comments and all sorts of graphical abnormalities which made the website unusable. There was a 3 day span (around July 18) where my website was back to normal. Normally, I use the publish button at the bottom of the iWeb app. Today, I used the menu selection 'Publish All to MobileMe', it took about 10 minutes, then I visited the website to find its been fixed (I made no changes on my end except for adding blog entries). I did notice my URL has been changed from '' to ''. The website can still be accessed via the internet using either (for how long, I don't know).

    When Apple provided the software update shortly after July 11 (can't remember exact date) which was for the MobileMe transition, most references to .Mac were changed to .Me (as we all know). But, at least for iWeb, I'm thinking it may not have been just a 'textual' menu change. I'm basing this on my URL change and the fact that my website now works after using the menu selection 'Publish All to MobileMe'. Maybe when I used 'Publish All to MobileMe' it cleared up any confusion behind the scenes (programming) and all is well now.

    Either way, for now, it seems my MobileMe email and iWeb issues are all cleared up, thankfully. Unfortunately, there are still people without service and it seems Apple feels everything is hunky dorey. I wish everyone else good luck on getting their service back, because I can certainly relate.

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    Sort of can relate to this, quite a few people in customer service have tunnel vision and cannot see what is happening right in front of them.

    If it ain't in the computer, it isn't real or happening. :rolleyes:
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    How do we know they're computers pretending to be people? :confused:
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    Sounds about right. The complaints on here have gone down the last 2 days as it seems Apple is finally coming around to having consistent service for everyone though it is obvious that some things still do exist.

    I am just happy that I can consistently get to my email and am receiving/sending emails which get to their desired places.
  6. aristobrat macrumors G5

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    This isn't guess-work on Apples side.

    They know exactly which of their servers went down that Friday, so they know exactly which specific MobileMe accounts were on that server.

    The online chat, as I read it, was setup specifically for those people.

    It wasn't a general "I have a problem with MobileMe, help me" online chat.

    So if a MobileMe user that had a real problem that happened to be unrelated to this specific issue was trying to use the online chat to solve their problem, I can see why Apple would boot them off. Not saying I necessarily agree with it, but that chat was setup to be used only by a specific group of users, not everyone.

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