Apple says this is what the pros use

Discussion in 'Mac Pro' started by yonis, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. yonis, Apr 12, 2012
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    Reason: "OMG!" says the average consumer. I can be a pro too with my iMac and Lion!! $300 for Final Cut Pro? Deal! *spends $300* but wait only $100 more for Motion and Compressor, I gotta have it! *spends $100 more*

    Apple clearly is using this as a tactic to gain profit from their existing user base. From a real pro perspective ... facepalm. From a business perspective it's the only obvious direction to go to make millions and then some.
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    I dunno if this says anything. Apple has been advertising laptops as FCP systems since the Lombard Powerbook G3.

    I mean, if we want to use FCPX as a metric, they just released fixes for PCI Express cards the other day. Which would only affect the Mac Pro.

    Apple will also still suggest Mac Pros in their system advisor in the store.
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    Of course you can even use a white Macbook to make a Hollywood movie or great record. It is in the talent. The Pro's use Mac Pro because they can do more of it faster and they get paid to do so. I buy Mac Pro because I need healthy tax deductions. I don't think it says much about a direction. Maybe they are just letting people know they do not NEED a Mac Pro to do these things. And you don't. Most professionals do use Mac Pro's though. About 5-1 in enterprise at desks. Most also have Macbook Pro's for travel. I do have a few iMac 2010/ 2011's laying around for layout work. But no one requests iMac's and no one wants to buy them at work. They still do not appear to hold value to purchasing.
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    In the past Apple have tended to show Pro Apps, like Logic Pro, running on MacBook Pros, which makes sense from an image and marketing perspective. I don't think that you should read anything into this unless you are very paranoid.

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