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Discussion in 'Mac Programming' started by Tech198, Feb 6, 2016.

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    Hi all... what is the command for copying meta-tags from one to the other ?

    I've tried duplicate and copy, but neither work, unless i'm using it wrong

    This is what the syntax i currently have:

    copy composer of selection
    in the above case, i have two songs selected in iTunes, and wish to copy Composer tag of one song, to Composer field of the other, which is currently blank. I will expand of this later, but for now, i'm starting small.
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    That's not a lot to go on!

    Can you let us see the full script you have, rather than just one line out of it?
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    OK, I'm in a good mood so here's something to set you off in the right direction:

    tell application "iTunes"
        --let the user enter the new composer name
       set theNewComposerName to text returned of (display dialog "Enter composer name..." default answer "")
           --try to set the composer and log some details if it fails
           --e.g. because you don't have the right file permission
           set composer of item 1 of selection to theNewComposerName
       on error theError
           --alert the user to the error
           display dialog "Failed to set composer" buttons {"OK"} with icon 0
           --log the details of error
           log theError
      end try
    end tell

    ...have a look in the Scripting Dictionary for iTunes. Note that you can get and set the composer. ;-)

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