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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the fifth beta of an upcoming macOS Big Sur 11.5 update to developers for testing purposes, with the new beta coming two weeks after the release of the fourth macOS Big Sur 11.5 beta.


Developers can download the ‌‌‌‌macOS Big Sur‌‌‌‌ 11.5 beta using the Software Update mechanism in System Preferences after installing the proper profile from the Apple Developer Center.

macOS Big Sur 11.5 appears to be a minor update focusing on under-the-hood performance improvements and bug fixes for issues that weren't able to be addressed in the macOS Big Sur 11.4 update. No notable new features were found in the first four betas.

Article Link: Apple Seeds Fifth Beta of macOS Big Sur 11.5 to Developers
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May 1, 2020
Why does the article say "... coming two weeks after the release of the <previous beta>....".
If I counted correctly its exactly 9 days, which is much more like one week (and two days), but certainly far away from two weeks...

Looking forward to this release more than any of them in the last months and years - Big Sur is already a lot more stable on my Macs than Catalina ever was, but there is still a lot to be fixed in order to become a truly reliable operating system.
A thoroughly tested bugfix release now could easily turn out to be the best thing happening to macOS for several years...longing for that much, much more than e.g. for the Monterey feature list.


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Jan 6, 2004
I hope but doubt that they fixed whatever it was they did to break my bicycling power meter software (Isaac). With a bit of a work-around it could be run on Big Sur through version .3 but .4 broke it with no known fix yet.


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Jan 14, 2013
I really hope this will solve my M1 Mini audio problems.
Had none the first 7 months, but then it started to distort audio all of a sudden (with every sort of audio equipment wired and non ), especially when the computer is doing something intense, like working in photoshop
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May 14, 2012
I installed Big Sur on my friends Mac Air from Catalina and it looked terrible and fonts were wonky and small and everything was rounded edges. Regretting i suggested they update to it. o_O


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Mar 25, 2008
FWIW, the macOS 11.5 betas have been very solid for me on my M1 MBP. Mainly connected to a Belkin dock with a number of external drives along with an external monitor.


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Nov 3, 2004
Since all of these are also released to PB testers I would say your correct, close to EOL for this beta series.
You misunderstand. I could not care less about the beta(s). I worded my comment poorly, I was referring to the likelyhood that there would be one more version released of Big Sur, and whether *that* one would be worth installing.


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Mar 25, 2008
My S6 Apple Watch on watchOS 7.5 has suddenly stopped working with this beta of macOS to Unlock and for Purchases. Says I need to have an Apple Watch that’s signed into iCloud. Which I do. Still.
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Jan 30, 2017
Anyone else seeing abysmal battery life on this beta?

My M1 MacBook Pro battery life has dropped roughly in half. Apps consistently using Significant Energy include Safari and Spotlight.
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