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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the first beta of macOS Ventura 13.5 to developers for testing purposes, with the beta one day after the release of macOS Ventura 13.4.


Registered developers can download the beta through the Apple Developer Center and after the appropriate profile is installed, with the betas available through the Software Update mechanism in System Settings.

There is no word yet on if there are new features in macOS Ventura 13.5, but we'll update this article if anything new is discovered.

Article Link: Apple Seeds First Beta of macOS Ventura 13.5 to Developers


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Dec 30, 2013
I upgraded from macOS Big Sur. It's a tad bit slower. Stage Manager is useless and causes a noticeable slowdown. Everything else is working well after I turned off AirPlay to Mac. Live Text is beautifully done.


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Aug 6, 2007
After the beta 13.4 "Network Filters" bug, I think I'll wait a few days on this one and see how it goes.
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