Apple Seeds First Beta of tvOS 12.1.1 to Public Beta Testers

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    Apple today seeded the first beta of an upcoming tvOS 12.1.1 update to its public beta testing group, one day after releasing the beta for developers and two days after releasing the tvOS 12.1 update.

    The tvOS 12.1.1 public beta can be obtained by going to the Settings app on the Apple TV and navigating to the Software Updates section under "System." "Get Public Beta Updates" will need to be toggled on, and once it is, the Apple TV will download the beta software.


    What's new in tvOS 12.1.1 is a mystery because Apple does not provide detailed release information for tvOS updates. The new software most likely focuses on bugs that were not able to be addressed in the tvOS 12.1 update.

    Nothing new was discovered in the tvOS 12.1.1 beta provided to developers, which is not a surprise as Apple's tvOS updates have historically been minor in scale.

    Article Link: Apple Seeds First Beta of tvOS 12.1.1 to Public Beta Testers
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    This is true, tvOS has barely changed since its launch. Most of the changes that did happen were very minor and probably should have been included with the launch of tvOS.
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    Lol. It's indeed a mystery why they do these updates as frequently as macOS and iOS updates. They seem to really take their job seriously (and at the same time, not really).

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