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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the first beta of an upcoming tvOS 16.1 update to developers for testing purposes, with the beta coming just one day after the launch of the tvOS 16 operating system.


Developers can download the new tvOS 16.1 beta by downloading a profile onto the Apple TV using Xcode.

tvOS updates are typically minor, focusing on under-the-hood bug fixes and improvements rather than outward-facing changes. There is no word as of yet what's included in the tvOS 16.1 update, but we'll update this article if we find anything new.

Apple shares some information on tvOS releases in its tvOS support document, which is updated after each tvOS launch. tvOS 16 brought enhanced multiuser support, Personalized Spatial Audio when using AirPods, and Accessibility improvements.

Though we don't often know what's new in tvOS during the beta testing process, we let MacRumors readers know when new updates are available so those who are developers can download it upon release.

Article Link: Apple Seeds First Beta of tvOS 16.1 to Developers


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Aug 17, 2021
Please dear god fix this!!! Started the second I upgraded to tvOS 13 (I think it was 13. I lost track it's been so long).


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Nov 22, 2003
Only issue I seem to have with the latest update is the remote seems unresponsive when I go to turn off the Apple TV and shut the TV off. It eventfully responds but take about 15 seconds.
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Jul 13, 2004
Kansas City, MO
After the update Monday to tvO16 I had an issue where the IOS Remote on the iPhone would no longer control the system volume as it did before the update. I ended up removing the remote from control center and re adding it. It now works with the volume buttons on the phone but the volume slider on the lock screen is grayed out now.

I feel as though something with this update as caused issues with the remote functionality.
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Sep 14, 2022
Beamer app and Airflow app both don’t work after the update on my setup. Everything worked perfectly before the update to tvOS 16.


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Jun 20, 2010
The remote on my Wife's 11 Pro with iOS 14.8.1 works changes volume on tvOS 16. My 12 Pro on iOS 16 doesn't. Annoying. Here's to hoping they actually fix this.


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Mar 15, 2008
No trouble with the standard remotes with our AppleTV 4K (2017) units.

The remote on the iPhone (iOS 15.7) did indeed need a quick remove and add, like @izzle22 said. But it only controls the volume of the connected HomePods, not the TV speakers. I still don't understand why the mute-button isn't a toggle. Well... I prefer the standard remote that came with the ATV 4K anyway (with rubber case)



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Oct 13, 2011
Beamer app and Airflow app both don’t work after the update on my setup. Everything worked perfectly before the update to tvOS 16.
I'm having the same problem with Beamer since the update. Oddly when looking for an alternative I found Airflow, which works great for me on tvOS 16. Weird.
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