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May 16, 2015
Getting confused.

My iPad is running iPadOS 16.1 (20B5056e). The software update is offering iPadOS 16 Public Beta 9. NOT 16.1. What’s that all about?

Meanwhile, my iPhone is running iOS 16.1 (20B5056e). Same as the iPad. But the software update is offering iOS 16.1 Public Beta 4.

Which are the latest versions of each?
Both are the latest.
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Jul 15, 2011
Im under an impression that stage manager won‘t work very well as first intended in iPad os 16.1 and it will probably be well accepted in a future Ipad os release. Because its so radical there are bound to be bugs in the first release.


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Oct 10, 2022
its your phone , I use Instagram all the time and it works fine
Nah, i know several people who have the exact same problem on ios 16. Where Instagram keeps logging them out. I’m facing the issue too now for over a month
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