Apple Seeds Ninth Beta of New watchOS 5 Operating System to Developers


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Apr 12, 2001

Apple today seeded the ninth beta of an upcoming watchOS 5 update to developers, four days after releasing the eighth beta and more than two months after introducing the software at the Worldwide Developers Conference.

To get the beta, you'll need the proper configuration profile, which can be obtained through the Apple Developer Center. Once the profile is in place, the watchOS 5 beta can be downloaded using the dedicated Apple Watch app on the iPhone by going to General --> Software Update.

To install the update, an Apple Watch needs to have 50 percent battery, it must be placed on an Apple Watch charger, and it has to be in range of the iPhone.

watchOS 5 is a major update to the watchOS operating system, introducing Activity Competitions so you can compete on workouts with friends, Walkie-Talkie with push-to-talk functionality for quickly communicating with the people you talk to most, and auto workout detection to make it easier to start and stop workouts if you forget.

Other new features include an improved Siri watch face with support for third-party apps through Siri Shortcuts, a dedicated Apple Podcasts app, new Workout types that include Yoga and Hiking, new features for runners, WebKit support for viewing some web content on Apple Watch, and enhanced notifications, which will make notifications on the Apple Watch interactive.

watchOS 5 is only available to developers and will not be provided to public beta testers (because there's no way to downgrade Apple Watch software), so non-developers will need to wait until the software is officially released in the fall to try it out.

The watchOS 5 update runs on all Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 Apple Watch models, but it is not available for the first-generation "Series 0" Apple Watch models.

Article Link: Apple Seeds Ninth Beta of New watchOS 5 Operating System to Developers


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Apr 3, 2014
Walkie Talkie is needed on iOS & macOS to expand its usefulness!

Not to mention the new raise to speak feature really sucks so far and doesn't listen when I expect it to. :(
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Sep 25, 2013
Cleveland, OH
GM must be coming in next week or two because we're getting those mass release betas now that come right before the GM. We should know for sure when if they announce the iPhone show date soon...


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Jun 23, 2003
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You might also note that the size of the updates is getting much smaller. I saw someone say last night that their update for iOS12 Beta 10 on their ipad was 46 Mb. It downloaded on mine before I even realized it was doing the download. Even the terminally slow watch download only took about 60 seconds on this build.


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Jan 27, 2015
”...the new raise to speak feature really sucks so far and doesn't listen when I expect it to. :(
This, entirely. My most anticipated addition to the watch from WWDC, and it’s just terribly unreliable. As far along as we are in the beta cycle, I’m not hopeful it’ll be ironed out by public launch. When that does get fleshed out, it will be way more impactful than walkie talkie and whatever else.
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Oct 12, 2011
Is there a public release for watch os or just for dev?

For anyone that’s tried the walkie talkie. If your an approved contact can the other person just “interrupt” you anytime? Without accepting the incoming “call”.
The way I read it is it’s open like nextel. Weird. What if your in a meeting or a movie?

Agree with comment that iOS should have the walk-in talkie.


Feb 4, 2014
Not to mention the new raise to speak feature really sucks so far and doesn't listen when I expect it to. :(
Are you raising it up to your mouth to speak to it? It's the motion of bringing it up to your face that triggers it to listen in that mode - simply turning your wrist or turning the screen on isn't enough, you have to bring it up to your mouth.


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Jun 3, 2015
Has anyone’s walkie talkie came back after it disappeared for some during the earlier betas


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Mar 18, 2009
Is Siri raise to speak available for series 2? I have never seen it in any builds including the latest one.


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Jun 12, 2017
For those missing Walkie Talkie on the watch: You need FaceTime to be installed on your iPhone.
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